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  1. Honestly it sounds like you're allergic to chocolate. Dark chocolate is usually more concentrated cocoa bean. So you end up getting more actual chocolate in your system, which bounces your body up to a headache level of reaction rather than taking care of it more silently leaving you with a depression...
  2. Yeah I know how that goes. I always think about asking about things just as I'm about to do them and totally forget when I have a moment in advance. Laundry was one of the first places I went totally corn-free as it was less hassle than some others. Such as cosmetics, bath soaps, shampoos. ...
  3. I have horrible reactions to Bounce, even the dye-free one. I used to use Downy, but I stopped those as well. I currently don't use any fabric softener as I discovered that I really don't need it. If you go to the delphi site and ask, others may be able to answer you on what they use.
  4. As an avid corn avoider, I can tell you that no facial tissues are safe, except Scott's brand. Corn is nearly impossible to avoid. I saw that you'd found the Corn Avoider's side of visinac, but there is also a discussion forum with a lot of really knowledgable people. http://forums.delphiforums...
  5. My question wasn't about antigliadin IgA.. but about not having any gliandin antibody (IgG or IgA) but still having an abnormally high IgA serum. Is this still indicative of gluten intolerance? or something else? With this test results has anyone had benefit from a gluten-free diet?
  6. I also had a similar result of a high IgA but normal everything else. TTG antibody IgA <3 (negative <5) Gliandin Antibody IGG <3 (negative <11) Gliandin Antibody IGA 3 (negative <11) IgA 621 high (Range 81-463) My doctor is trying to tell me that it means I'm gluten intolerant...