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  1. Thanks cyclinglady. I probably should have mentioned that the brown rice pasta I'm referring to is labeled gluten free and has the official gluten free symbol on it. I think the regulations for this kind of labelling are fairly strict in the EU (I'm in the UK). Also, it's 100% rice flour.
  2. Thanks again to everyone for the helpful replies. One thing I'm wondering about the Fasano diet is what exactly constitutes 'processed'? Is pasta made from 100% brown rice flour considered processed?
  3. Thanks, everyone, for the helpful responses. squirmingitch: No, I was not on any meds when I had the flu. (I took paracetamol a few times.) My layman's thinking was that my skin cleared because my body's immune system was in overdrive, so to speak. I don't know if that actually makes medical...
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago (through a biopsy and blood test). I immediately stopped eating gluten and have followed a rigid gluten-free diet ever since (I sometimes eat at restaurants and cafés but am always careful when I do). Around the same time (i.e. four years ago) I ...