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  1. i am so happy to be home on long island (however short lived ) b well in plainview has hands down the best chicken salad in the world.
  2. Also you should never take a pro-biotic at the same time you take an anti-biotic. the AB will just kill the PB. they should be taken at least two hours apart. also a general...
  3. hi all i just tried a new bread by the grainless baker and it is awsome. it is the regular sandwich type i and it just mybe the best i have ever had
  4. for the first few months i was gluten-free i put up with there products. i could not find anyone else making gluten-free stuffed shells or ravioli. then i found safe harbor foods...
  5. hi nancy i use kirkman labs DPP-IV Forte. it says the activity is 60,000 HUT. i saw glutenease at the store the other day, when i run out of what i have i was going to try it...
  6. just GI symptoms, and i have never tried after glutened. i always take before eating out. i get very minor queasiness and i know of CC and feel thankful for the pill.
  7. if im not to late 5-Hydroxytryptophan is a "natural" SSRI, and from what i understand it is not effective unless enteric coated. I was also told although B6 is usefull it should...
  8. like jkmunchkin i was also not planing to join this topic...that said here i go. Please do not YELL at me as I am NOT writing this as FACT . It is only a guess that I have because...
  9. yes: i do but my DD although not offically celiac is also gluten-free no: I have a wonderful shop Dr B Wells. dedicated section as well as clearly posted gluten-free in each isle...
  10. mama's is the best better then baldo's in my opinon. that being said i have never had better ravioli then the safe harbor foods brand. i have only found them at b wells in plainview...
  11. i use kinnikinnick white sandwich bread (ditto on the butter trick) i also use foods by george english muffins.
  12. i have seen them at my local store. i believe the company is joesph's bakery.
  13. a company call natural balance has had the same thing on the market for at least seven years, at it taste exactly like butter.
  14. muir glen and bio nature are both gluten-free and readily available.
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