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  1. Anyone when in the beginning of going gluten free (I am going on month four soon) get gluten guilt when they accidently eat something contaminated or with gluten? Here's a short story: I went on my first overseas trip since being gluten free, on a cruise. I knew I should have called the cruise lines and told them I had dietary restrictions, but I was complacent and wanted to do it myself, so I just did not eat bread or pasta or anything that looked to have bread. I also did not ask enough questions about the food I was consuming in the port restaurants. Needless to say I was sick as a dog about four days in and couldn't put my finger on a certain meal, I just knew it was a combo of all the cross contamination and complacency. I knew I couldn't blame anyone but myself, so I felt shame and guilt for letting myself do that to my body, because I wanted to be complacent. Depression and anxiety is a symptom of glutening for me, so I know that didn't help, but during the week of recovery, I was just really hard on myself the whole time and I still feel guilty. Thoughts, tips? I know how serious it is to consume, believe me, but please understand I am still new at this too!
  2. Thanks for the response! I suppose I am a bit confused by the answer. I have been confirmed as having early celiac, or at least some form of latent celiac (high TTG IGG, and biopsy Marsh I, with genetic indicators) and I was looking to find a reason why my IGG was so high, but not my IGA, and my primary care physician was claiming an IGA deficiency because of some of the marked symptoms I had experienced in the past related to IGA deficiency but then my GI doc was saying I wasn't IGA deficient, so I was just curious who was right and what the numbers really mean.
  3. Hi all, quick question. What levels of total IGA deem an "IGA Deficiency?" I've had a hard time finding research on what it is (is it lower than the range used? is it just low on the scale within the range used?) This is assuming that the total IGA is tested in the comprehensive celiac panel. For example, I am a 99 on a range of 87-352. In my opinion that would be low, but is it only considered low or deficient if it's below the range? Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for the response! It was a bit confusing because I was trying to be careful afterward and thought "I've ensured this is not CC, so why do I feel bad after every next meal?" I think I will check out the glidenX to sooth the after-affects.
  5. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has this problem after getting glutened. When I've gotten glutened a few times, it lasts about three days. I've noticed that my next meals that I have over the next few days almost make me feel like I'm being glutened all over again, with bloating and heavy rock stomach and cramps and gas, and keeping in mind the following meals are gluten free. After the gluten is out of my system, I feel better with consecutive meals. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Hi all. Very frustrated here (as I have noticed the trend with the pre-diagnosis!) I just joined but have been reading countless threads on my journey since October 2017. I figured it was time to ask and be involved in a community because my doctor seems to overlook all my results and just seems to quick to write off anything thought provoking in my labs. Long story short, ongoing maybe 15 years (if not more, I'm 24) of bad stomach GI symptoms. Eating food and immediately bloating to the point of actual pain, sour stomach, constipation for days then crazy diarrhea, cold sweats and horrible stabbing pains. What I would have described as just IBS episodes and what was originally what I thought it was when I went to the doctor for the first time in Oct. Other times I just wrote it off as just bad luck. Throughout the months I've undergone blood work, endoscopy and colonoscopy, genetic tests and diet options. Surely all this would give me an answer! Alas I'm still just as lost and frustrated as before I even came in. Let me break down the results: Blood work came back incredibly high for Ttg Igg. Negative for all else, ttg iga, Ema, the other dpg iga and igg. (I will come back to this in a minute). Endoscopy reports increased intraepithelial lymphocytes, normal villous architecture. No signs of h pylori or other gastrointestinal bacteria out of the ordinary. Latent gastritis. Genetic test comes back positive for DQ2.2 (and DQ8.1 for what it's worth.) Colonoscopy I had some polyps that needed to be removed but quite irrelevant to any celiac (to my knowledge). After I had my endoscopy and colonscopy, I thought that maybe the polyps were the issue and okay good to go. I had a horrible episode which left me lying in the floor for half an hour in pain, sweating, bloating etc. I knew that I needed to make a dietary change or something that I could have control over, so I tried low fodmaps. Did that for the time allotted and went into the reintroduction phase with little issue. Only problems I had with a food group was gluten. So here I felt like going gluten free would be the best option. At this point I had already gone under endoscopy and had blood work twice. The first blood work I had was the full celiac panel, as mentioned before ttg igg was so off the charts, dpg iga and igg was fairly median, and ttg iga was really low with Ema low. When I told my PCD that I was starting low fodmap (I had been low fodmap for three or four days and was still trying to figure out what I couldn't eat) she ran another celiac panel. I had been off everything including gluten, and the panel came back very low now for dpg igg and iga, still pretty low for ttg iga, neg for Ema and still pretty high for ttg igg. Anyway, I stuck to the gluten free diet for a month and had some major withdrawal. Depression, anxiety, sickness, you name it. But about two weeks after I felt like I had seen the sun for the first time in decades. My physical fitness is better, I have not had an episode since I started the gluten free (two months total while writing this) and I have (what I assumed to just be female scatter brain) no brain fog. I am shocked at how going gluten free has changed me, I'm literally a new person and I haven't felt this good in along time. Mentally, I'm so much healthier. So after being on the gluten-free diet for a month, I went back to the GI doc who did my endoscopy and told him what I had experienced. At this point because I had such a positive reaction to gluten-free, I was considering a gluten intolerance or celiac. I pointed out my lab work (which he seemed to overlook previously because he actually had to leave the room and go look at my results again) and came to the conclusion that he felt it was the early stages of celiac (he called it subclinical celiac). I asked for a genetic test because both my parents have food intolerances but we are a family that really never goes to the doctor, we just suck it up and chalk it up to a bad meal, so neither of them have been tested or allergy paneled, etc. I came back positive for the DQ2.2 and DQ8.1, but when the GI called me, he was so quick to write me off that I was negative on genetic tests, it was not until I went to physically collect my results to read myself that I realized I actually did come back positive, despite being told I was negative. So needless to say I was upset because I've done enough research to know that while it is not the most common, the DQB1*02:02 and others that make up my positive genetics are still important. This has left me so angry because it's a rollercoaster of "am I diagnosed, am I not?" the GI doctor over the phone said still possibly celiac so check up in a year. A YEAR! For, not a "no," but a still possible! I should be satisfied to know that my symptoms have cleared and I feel so much healthier on gluten-free, but I'm just feeling lost again. To add, I have been diagnosed on and off as anemic through my life, since my IGAs were so low, my PCD and I were looking into an Iga deficiency, but I haven't been confirmed that, not sure how I would. I have plenty of symptoms of that, to include annually in high school and college getting pneumonia (bacterial and viral), strep (skin rash included), bronchitis, etc. To the point I almost had to get a pneumonia shot at age 20! So I guess what I'm looking for is feedback and the comfort of knowing I'm not the only "possibly kinda sorta maybe" celiac out there that just can't get a straight forward answer. I hate to go on about it to my family because they are so sweet and supportive, but they really just don't understand even if they try.
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