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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!~sorry for the previous comment, I don't know how that happened.

  2. -a girl called Jaynah found you.

  3. I know how all f you feel. I get sinus infections almost all the time and also UTI's i always stop taking the meds because i get severe stomach cramps almost unbareable naseua and bad D. BAD BAD D! Nothing helps, i can never finish a dosage. Stay strong yall. We will prevail one day hehe!
  4. Okay quick silly question. You all know the delishous Cappochino that you get out of the machine at 7-11 the french vanilla delishouness that i rember pre gluten free life. Is it safe for us celiacs to drink because I am craving it hard core and the winter is coming and it is my favorite hott yummyness...
  5. I was craving an Iced Tea Snapple the ingredients are:Tea water, high Fructose,corn syrup, citric acid , natural flavors... Is there anything wrong with natural flavors or is it only artificial flavors to be warned about? I am so confused by the heavy Glutin Jargon. hehe : ) Any help.. Please Tell...