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  1. @apprehensiveengineer Yea, sometimes I think I'm fine in terms of digestion when I eat it, but other times I'm not, so I'm not sure. I think it may all really depend on what I have. And although I don't tend to buy anything else typically, sometimes I'll get like a Jones Soda, or a Coconut Water. Do you think it could even be the sugar, combined with the fact that this is sometimes the only thing I eat all day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.?
  2. Does anyone else have trouble eating Starbucks Marshmallow Dream Bar? As I understand from previous posts I've seen about this product, thrye used to include barley malt in the rice krispie itself. However, this Dream Bar is considered gluten free, and is even certified NSF. I also can't see anything in it that should give me a reaction. However, it seems to in terms of gassiness, and itching. Is it possible it could be considered another ingredient?
  3. Hello Sarah. I would be up front and ask your dentist what they're using and if any of it has come in contact with gluten, and be very clear about what specific needs you may have prior to the appointment just to be safe. They are health care professionals and they should be keeping up-to-date with any changes to your medical history
  4. I want to share my blood test results as well as my endoscopy to know from the forum if you think it's indicative of not being celiac disease or if you think I should be tested again. Here are some of the results I got back which was in 2017: Celiac Disease - Serum/Plasma (Final) Gliadin Antibody IgG Less than 0.5 <12.0 Negative IgG antibody to demiadated gliadin has approximately 95 per cent sensitivity and 95 per cent specificity for celiac disease. Deamidated gliadin IgG has particular utility in the detection of celiac disease in children younger than 2 years old and those with IgA deficiency. Tested by a multiplex flow immunoassay (Bioplex) method. - Tissue Transglutaminase antibody IgA Less than 0.5 <12.0 Negative IgA antyibody to tissue transglutaminase has approximately 95 per cent sensitivity and 95 per cent specificity for celiac disease. False negative results may occur with a gluten-restricted diet or iGa deficiency. The Bioplex method includes an internal control to confirm IgA is sufficient, thus avoiding false negatives due to IgA deficiency. Tested by a multiplex flow immunoassay (Bioplex) method. Immunoglobins - Serum/Plasma (Final) -IGG . 11.44 6.50-16.000 g/L -IGA . 3.31 . 0.40-3.50 . g/L - IGM . 0.56 . 0.50-3.00 g/L Preoperative diagnosis: epigastric pain Postoperative diagnosis: antral erosions Procedure: The esophagus was intubated under direct vision. The esophagus was normal. The fundus and body were normal. The antrum showed some very small antral erosions. The duodenal cap and second and third part were normal. Biosipes were taken of the duodenum and cap. On retroflexion , the cardia and GE were normal. There were some small antral erosions detected. Biospies were taken from the antrum. Upon withdrawl, the esophagus was normal. Biospy Final diagnosis - no pathology diagnosis -negative for specific pathogens or villous atrophy gastric biopsy antral and body type mucosa no pathology diagnosis negative for heliobacter pylori And it looks like 4 pieces were taken from the gastric biospy for and 4 pieces for the small bowel biopsy Can anyone make anything of what the results may indicate? Do you think the results are pretty indicative or do you think I should be retested? Of note: all blood tests and procedures were done after being on the gluten diet for 8-12 weeks.
  5. Hello, Sorry for the TMI, but I feel it's relevant to the post. I'm not sure of whether I have celiac or not, but I get sick on a gluten free diet, like bowel movements moving through me too quickly or diarrhea, followed by itching. I'll give an example of a typical morning where this sort of thing happens. I'll have had a gluten free bagel with cream cheese, and possibly something else. I have a sweet tooth, so it's likely I'll have something sweet as well which then is usually followed by problems a couple of hours later. Do you know if there's a particular reason for this? Could it be something else in the food that I just don't know about?
  6. I'll check out the biopsy. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I've got redness and sores on my skin just about everywhere. It's all up my arms, on my hands, my back, my neck, near my eyebrow. My skin is quite dry, and flaky, and I do get weeping sores at times, but I do have raised bumps as I believe may be more common for DH. My neck does seem to be quite red though and dry, and it's been this way for at least a month, I believe. Do you think this sounds like DH or do you think it's far more likely it's some type of eczema or another form of dermatitis?
  8. I was eating gluten before the endoscopy, yea. However, it still came back negative, at the time. @Ennis_TX Thanks for the advice about the food diary. I will start doing that as well as watching my diet. Do you think it's possible because there might be more damage on the skin because of skin conditions like DH though that endoscopies wouldn't be likely to spot anything at first? I saw from my doctor's records that he took 4 samples from the intestine, and 4 samples from the stomach.
  9. Hello, I am new here. I've had a lot of anxiety about a celiac diagnosis over the last year or so. I've run various tests, such as an endoscopy which has come back negative, and a couple of blood tests where one was supposedly a "weak/faint positive" and the other one I did at the same time as the endoscopy came back "negative". I've bene having some symptoms I think may be related, but I want to hear from the community. I have a bad rash on my arms currently,, and chronic eczema which started when I was a kid, a red rash on my neck, feelings of being jittery or anxious at times, and I've had difficulty passing my BMs a lot this week (sorry for the TMI) where I believe they have looked green in colour and have been, largely, loose this week, I believe (although I'm not too sure what quantifies loose exactly..). I've been told by my primary physician and my gastroentrologist countless times that it's not celiac, and may be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I've also been taking drugs to soothe acid reflux in my stomach. The name of the drug I'm taking is Tecta which is used for stomach acid. Since that wasn't really helping, my gastroentrologist has also asked me to work more fibre into my diet, and take milk of magnesia every night. My diet, I'd say isn't the best, either. It comprises of a lot of sugar, and carbs, I think, so this could be a reason. But I'm not too sure. I've been looking for more answers though, and I'm hoping someone in this community might know something about it, and whether they've experienced similar things, and if this does in fact sound like Celiac disease to you. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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