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  1. Just a thought, if you are having a biopsy in May you should still technically be eating gluten. They want you on it for the biopsy as well. At least my doctor did. In terms of migranes, I had them pre diagnoses a lot more frequent. I still get them but that is usually a sign of getting glutened. Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm really trying with the weight thing. It is crazy, sometimes if I have purposely cheated I don't get sick. Or other times, like yesterday, I was in bed all day, head fog etc..... and I have been really good the past 2-3 months. So go figure.
  3. He was 3 and had the big D 5-6 times a day for over a month. After all the other tests came back negative they sent us to GI for Pediatrics. She was a nut and put him on a high fat diet, mentioned Celiacs but never tested him and I thought she did. 6 months later still had the problem, between constipation and D. He refused to eat much of anything, had black circles under his eyes, was really ADHD like and had bruises all over. I took him to a new GI. They repeated all the tests and did a Celiac panel. He was positive and they did the biopsy. Now gluten-free for a year, he is like a new child. He dropped from 100%ile to 50%ile but they didn't really notice since he was still a big boy for his age. He gained 5 pounds when he went gluten-free.
  4. I have only been gluten-free for a year now too. My son was diagnosed and that's why we all went through the testing. I of course was the only one who had it too and my stomach did have damage on the biopsy. That being said, I did not have major symptoms before going gluten-free. Now, I am a lot like you. If I am really tempted to cheat, sometimes I'm fine and other times I will sleep for 6 hours and have migranes. My son is 5 and great and he doesn't cheat and I'm trying to be better! I'm such a comfort eater and all my comforts have gluten so it is really hard for me. My big problem is trying to lose weight. I've gained 30 lbs since the diet and having a hard time losing. I just ran a 1/2 marathon so I exercise regularly, but absorption stinks!
  5. What is caesin? I will definitely try that. So either one milk, yogurt or cheese a day? And then lots of water and fiber (popcorn etc....). I appreciate the input and will try that starting today! Poor kiddo, we are both exhausted! I'm tired of being the mad mommy.
  6. I've been gluten-free for 6 months now and feeling really stressed lately. So I fell off the wagon on Friday and had a cheeseburger and a few other little cheats. Well Sunday, I slept for 5 (not kidding) hours during the day and still slept all night long. I had a migrane and was clamy but no fever. I've been exhausted on Monday and Tuesday and all I want to do is sleep. It is really hard to wake up in the am. Do you think this is just being glutened or a bug? I've never cheated before and I didn't have any gastro symptoms. If it is being glutened I won't be doing that again. I feel aweful!
  7. Thanks for your input. I've never really even thought about dairy problems. I guess we rely on it a lot because of the other things he can't eat. We are definitely playing with the dose of miralax. We've backed up quite a bit and I can already tell he isn't pooping as much and it is getting hard. He is still having pee accidents 1-2 times a day too. He tells me he just doesn't think he will ever get potty trained. Poor kid, we are both so frustrated!
  8. I am soooooooooooooooooo frustrated right now. We have been attempting to potty train for 2 1/2 years. We have gotten close (maybe one accident a day) several times. But the past few months have been aweful. He is 4 1/2 years old and been diagnosed for one year. His blood is in the normal range now so the diet is working well. But he is having major poop problems. He was either constipated or witholding it (not sure). So we had to clean out his system with Miralax several times (his x-rays would show major stool back up). So the GI suggested a small dose of miralax every day to keep him from being able to withold. He suggested "pudding" consistency. Well lately he has been pooping 3 times a day in his pants. My husband says to completely get off the medicine but we have tried that in the past and that's when he gets backed up. I am trying sticker charts, candy for pooping, seeing a behaviorialist etc..................... Nothing seems to be working. I have to have him completely potty trained by August or he can't go to his new pre-schoo (his old one is very negative about the whole pooping issue). He only has one week left before we are all off for the summer. I just need some advice from someone who has had this experience. He has a 5 year old friend with Celiac who is too having daily poop accidents. I guess I just don't understand, if he is doing the diet correctly why can't we get potty trained? I am just in tears over this and feel like a failure and don't know how to make it better for all of us! TIA
  9. I really feel for you. My own son is only 4 1/2 but has been diagnosed for a year now. He was such a sickly kiddo. He had asthma, pink eye, ear infections etcc..............all the time. They thought he had leukemia he was so sick all the time, bruised easily had dark circles etc.............He refused to eat most of the time and had diarhea 6 times a day. He is doing great on the diet and feeling good now. Compeltely different personality. Our only problem is he still is not fully potty trained. He is on Miralax because he gets really constipated and then has leakage problems. We are desparately trying to figure out the right dose of medicine and how to train him. He can't have accidents at his new preschool next year and freaking out a alot! This potty training is stressing me out since we've been doing it for 2 years, and I'm sure your son being 6 has made it even more stressful. I would definitely try the diet and see what a difference it makes. But my son and another 4 year old I know with Celiac's have still been struggling with the poop issues and potty training. Does anyone have any ideas or similar situations? We are even seeing a behaviorialist to help us train him. We are still struggling!
  10. My 4 year old is great like that. He tells people at school and church or parties. I can't have that, it isn't gluten-free. I think I mostly just hate starting the 2 year old on the diet unless he truly has it. It wouldn't be hard to be gluten-free at home it is at other's people houses that I'm worried about. I guess I will try the one to 2 years unless he seems symptomatic. The doctors don't even know what to do! Thanks for you input.
  11. I have been gluten-free for 2 1/2 months now and am pretty good about it. At my follow up appointment my blood was in the normal range. I have been really moody the past few weeks though. I just feel overwhelmed and am wanting to take naps more and just feel unmotivated. I have 3 boys under 6 and I feel like I'm not dealing well with their hectic schedules and level of activity like I used to. I'm already taking Lexapro but wondering if this is still the gluten or if it is unrelated? I would really appreciate any input. I know my husband is really tired of the moodiness. TIA.
  12. I have a 4 year old that has been gluten-free for 6 months and now after positive bloodwork/biopsy I have been gluten-free for 3 months. My 6 year old tested negative for the genes but my 2 year old has the DQ2 like I do. Is there any sort of protocol for how often to do the antibody screening on him? I am relieved that I don't need to worry about my oldest but the 2 year old is somewhat symptomatic but his bloodwork was negative 6 months ago.
  13. My 4 year old was diagnosed 6 months ago and has been so awesome. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and not as positive as him. He tells people, I can't have that it has gluten when he is offered things he knows he can't have. I make him treats they freeze at is pre=school so he can have something gluten-free when the other kids have cupcakes. If you just explain to them at their level it is amazing how much they can understand. It has really helped that I have it too so I just say "we can't eat that." But I always try to have a similar gluten-free alternative available for us so we don't feel bad! Good luck to you! We are getting much better now 6 months into this!
  14. I started the dx process in July positive bloodwork and biopsy. I have only been gluten-free for 2 months due to waiting to get into a gastro dr. So I have gained 20 pounds since July but my blood is normal now. I know I should be happy about my negative bloodwork but now I'm sad about my weight gain and not feeling good about myself. Has anyone gained this much too? I need to exercise more, that's a give but with 3 kids under 6 I find it hard to do! Any suggestions and/or help? Does your body get more regulated? Thanks!
  15. I was dx with Celiac's two month's ago through blood screening and positive biopsy. They also did the Gene test so I can test my 2 children (4 year old already dx). I have the DQ2 gene. I started with my screening in July but have only been gluten-free for two months and good news is my blood is back in the normal range. But at my appointment I weighed 170 pounds versus the 148 in July. I know I"m absorbing my food now so that's good but I don't feel good about my weight gain/body right now. Iknow I should just be glad I'm health but has anyone else experienced this much gain? How do I go about loosing it? I feel already I'm limited in finding food sometimes and then to diet on top of that seems so sad me! I need to exercise but with 3 kids and working part time I have a hard time finding the time~ Thanks for letting me vent~
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