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  1. By the way, if you're ever making your own falafel, Joy of Cooking has a GREAT recipe. I just substitute the 2T flour with 2T chickpea flour. Delicious! I'm going to go to the Gyro place tomorrow morning to see if I can get their recipe before they get swamped for lunch. My fingers are totally...
  2. I'm not so worried about the falafel, it's the gyro meat I'm concerned about. I just can't seem to find out what's in it. I had falafel AND gyro meat- no pita, no cucumber sauce, no tahini.
  3. I like pronouncing it AND eatin it! Unfortunately, I can't get them to tell me what's in it. The owner doesn't speak much English. Hmmm....
  4. Hey! Does anybody know if gyro meat has gluten in it? Today for lunch I had falafel- that they say has no flour in it, hummus, and gyro meat. I feel totally glutened. I'm guessing it was the gyro meat b/c I've eaten the falafel and hummus before with no problem. Anybody know? What's in that...