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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Mia H

    Kudos For Airfrance

    Just returned last week from my trip to France. I know some others have not had good experiences with Air France but I wanted to report a positive experience. The meals were good and I did not get sick from them. I'm sure the slices of bread were some type of rice bread (you can't fake that!) I believe both ways I was served fish but that was fine. There was salad with vinegarette, some soy pudding, fruit, brie, and rice pudding. Happy Travels, Maria H.
  3. Mia H

    Food On A Long Plane Flight

    What do you think about peanut butter? Do you think they will allow it. I'm going to France in January on AirFrance. On another thread they said AirFrances gluten-free meals were not to be trusted. How long do you think eggs would last? I suppose I can't bring any freezie packs or ice. Maybe some gluten-free beef sticks. I need protein man! Mia
  4. Mia H

    Shorter Cycle Gluten Free?

    That's interesting. I hadn't thought about it being related to going gluten-free. I was about 33 days and went to 25. I had some sub infertility with the first two babies but now on my third it just happened on my own. Funny I didn't connect the two. Mia
  5. I agree there may be cross contamination somewhere as a possibility. Medications, shampoos, vitamins Another is another intolerance, dairy? nightshades? soy? corn? It is drastic but some recommend the specific carbohydrate diet. I tried it and felt better pretty quickly, but then got pregnant and was losing weight on it so have given it up for now. The theory is there are an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria living in the gut. You starve them by eating no grains or starches. If curious check out www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info Others have recommended the paleo diet, I don't know much about it but believe it is even more strict. Sorry I haven't heard about anything IV. Good luck, Mia
  6. I was tested for lymes by my regular doctor and it was negative. I'm not a huge camper, I go maybe twice a year and usually in the fall when all the ticks are gone. I hate bugs and I'm paranoid about ticks so I am pretty certain that I'm ok. How much is it to get Igenix to test? How do I send in a sample? It makes me feel like I can't trust anything Thanks for the tip though, it's always nice to keep thinking of a new possibility. Mia
  7. Mia H

    Flu Shot

    I just wanted to echo Fiddle Faddle. The shot for many can be worse than the flu. Do some research and carefully consider it. For me I have found enough evidence against vaccines in general that I am not planning on vaccinating my baby when born. Mothering magazine has a small book available about the truth about vaccines that is very helpful. Good luck with your research and decision and of course your baby Mia
  8. Mia H

    Pregnant - Need Help!

    Congratulations on baby. I too am gluten free / dairy free and am 17 weeks along. My first two babies were big (for me) 8lb 10oz and 9lb 9oz. This will be my first preg gluten-free/cf and I am much smaller this time. I was even worried the baby wasn't growing but I went in and am measuring fine. Perhaps that baby will be smaller this time. I wouldn't worry too much about the calcium, sounds like you are doing well. The baby will get what they need from your body and you are on a supplement. I was worried about Calcium too and my naturopath said people don't need as much as is recommended (1000-1200mg a day). He said this because most Calciums out there aren't absorbed well such as calcium carbonate. You barely absorb any. I agree with the green leafy vegetables. Any time you can get it naturally the way God made us I think is the best bet. Mia
  9. Do you need plain folic or a prenatal? www.kirkmanlabs.com offers both and they are gluten free/dairy free.
  10. Since I was feeling lousy anyway I thought, why suffer and not be able to eat anything, so we went out to eat last night and I had mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream. Bad move, you never feel so bad that you can't feel worse! I know I will never try gluten again but once and awhile I have to double check the dairy. I woke up puffy, bags under eyes, tired like a hang over. I really don't mind the achy joints and all as much as the lack of sleep. I have the book "From Fatigued to Fantastic" by Jacob Teitelbaum and I'm going to try to get a sleep aid that's safe in pregnancy. If I could just sleep a couple of good night I really think I would feel a lot better. Thanks for all the help and support! It helps so much to know I'm not alone! Mia
  11. I did have my thyroid tested up and down many times but it appeared normal. I did have (most likely still recovering from) adrenal fatigue. I had that tested at a naturopath. I can try to cut out nightshades but the potatoes will be tough. It's hard to get full without gluten and dairy. I feel like there is barely anything to eat the way it is But thanks for the ideas. It helps to have something to try. Mia
  12. I have been gluten free since may. And my chronic fatigue is better, I no longer feel my afternoon "leadsuits" that I used to have daily. Now I get them when I get glutened. I also gave up dairy and that seemed to help me with the morning achy, puffy, stiffness part. Chronic fatigue was the #1 symptom that lead me here. Now that the fog is lifting a little I am recognizing symptoms that where there all along but hidden by the fatigue. I have joint pain without swelling, stiffness, 12 of the 18 tender points, poor sleep, tired upon rising. Any advice?? I thought these symptoms had improved when I went dairy free also. A month or two ago my girls got ear infections and we got poor sleep. Could that have just brought on a flare up? and if so, any way to calm it down? I'm also 16 week pregnant. I had heard these conditions improve with pregnancy. But can they get worse? Thanks for any advice, Mia
  13. I have had chronic fatigue also and that is what got me here. I saw a naturopath for awhile after every dr and specialist told me everything was normal and suggested an antidepressant. The naturopath suggested giving up gluten for 3 months. I did. I really didn't think I noticed much difference...until I tried it again. I had given it up a couple of times before for a month at a time, with no difference. But when I gave it up for a full 3 months and tried it again, I was sick! My stomach bloated out, I felt like I was hit by a train. It was as bad as the flu. So for me it just took a lot longer to see a difference and I"m still gettting better. I've read on this site it can take 6-12 months of strict gluten-free to heal. I also have the sinus thing, puffy head feeling, achy, stiff especially in the morning. (fibromyalgia perhaps) I gave up all dairy and it took about a week to notice some changes but it took at least a month to notice real improvement. I could get right out of bed like a 37 year old rather than an 87 year old. It is a hard diet, but I do feel much better after being on it awhile. I still may have more to eliminate but I will wait a year and see how I am than. This is hard enough! (I tested negative for celiac but tested positive for gluten & casein intolerance with Enterolab.) If it were me I would enjoy the holidays! Start in the new year! But give it a good try-it can change your life. Mia
  14. I could have written this post! I am 11 weeks pregnant and nothing sounds good! I am also casein free too so it makes it even more difficult. For breakfast I have eggs, juice, bacon, banana, gluten-free cereal and almond milk. snack, apple and peanut butter lunch is hard, nothing sounds good. I've been having rice, bush's baked beans and lunch meat. dinner is hard too. meat and a potato or rice. When I'm starving I usually have envirokidz koala krisp cereal. Before bed I usually have peanuts in the shell and a banana or apple sauce. The protein seems to keep me full all night. I love the idea of adding coconut milk to a smoothie, being CF it's hard to make a good smoothie that will fill me up. I miss dairy Mia H.
  15. I borrowed a friends yogurt maker and made it according to the book. I made it once with cows milk and bought some starter from online (recommended on pecanbread.com). Then I made a goat milk one. BOth gave me a lead suit of fatigue. I actually quit the diet again yesterday. I don't know if I wasn't eating enough carbs or what but I was just STARVING constantly to the point of confusion and that just can't be good for a baby. Good luck to you! I hope it helps, I sure believe it should. Mia That book sounds similar to the book I have "Adrenal Fatigue". I have followed those recommendations for about a year and a half and am still only about 50% better. Maybe it just takes a long time. Plus getting out anything that is bothering the immune system like the gluten and dairy. Planning on getting my mercury filling out after I"m done nursing the baby. (my hair has been falling out for a long time, could be due to that). Mia