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  1. When you have as many food allergies as I do it tends to rule a large portion of your life. Obsessive-compulsive disorders all ready run in my family, so I guess it's just natural for this to happen to someone like me! But I have noticed, and I hope no one takes offense to this, that a lot of people here tend to have symptoms of orthorexia. For example, not eating lechitins or anything from ther nightshade family because they think it's bad for us. It just seems a little TOO much. I don't know if people with allergies/intolerances tend to become obsessive-compulsive, or are obsessive-compulsive people drawn to these kinds of communities?

  2. What is orthorexia?

    I seriously feel like my food allergies and gluten intolerance has lead me to be a bit obsessive-compulsive about what goes in my body. It tends to dominated my life, and I am tired of it. Not only am I constantly worried that eating certain foods will make me sick or even kill me, but I tend to worry that my son will have reactions to everything like I do. I've wondered how many others with food allergies/intolerances feel they may go overboard with their control over their food?

  3. I was diagnosed allergic to milk when I was in college. I ate pizza and ended up in the emergency room on breathing treatments. It was scary. After testing and eliminating it from my diet a lot of my skin problems and asthma cleared up. I've been dairy free for almost 10 years.

    It was hell at first. I loved cheese....macaroni and cheese, cheesy piza, jalapenos stuffed with cheese....it was my favorite food. I'm so used to it now that the smell of cheese is digusting to me. It smells like something rotting. I also have air born milk allergies. To cook stuff with milk in it around me makes me have breathing problems and hives.

    I guess you have more alternatives though, because I am anaphylectic allergic to soy as well.

  4. I was glutened 3 days agofrom tater tots and I still have the D. It's frustrating, especially at work when I spend part of my shift in the bathroom because I can't get anyone to cover for me. Luckily it's been slow at the studio. I just can't believe it's lasting this long. I'm very frustrated.

  5. Hello, I am new here at this site so I hope I am not offending anyone by posting in the wrong place. I have multiple food allergeys, I can only have gluten free with out rice or corn, and most fruit and veg are also allergens (the birch group, apples etc.) Any ideas for a savoury type bread or starchy snack? I have some good recipies for chocolate cake. I am feeling really low trying to cope with it all. I have had allergies for years but it has got worse recently. Anyone with the same type of group of foods to be avoided?

    Hoping to hear from someone soon.

    Wow, I guess it would help to know all you are allergic to. What kind of testing did you have to diagnose these allergies, what specific allergies are they, and what are your symptoms when you eat them?

    I eat a lot of fruit and meat with my allergies, and sometimes potatoes and rice, though I try not to over do those things because I've been trying to lose a few pounds. I guess some kinds of potato chips might be ok for you, like the Cape Cod brand. They are basically canola oil, sea salt, and tatos. Can you eat dairy?

  6. With all my allergies my diet is even more limited (as if gluten wasn't enough!)

    I need meat for breakfast or I feel hungry all day. I normally eat bacon and a fruit smoothie. I thought eating bacon every day would make my cholesterol high, but I was checked last week and it was only 120 (total cholesterol). When I was a vegetarian it was 225. I guess being "unhealthy" works for me. lol

  7. I'm not African American, but I do get terrible eczema from my food allergies. I've been tested allergic to many things and I have no eczema problems as long as I avoid those things. I eat even a small amount and it flares up. The itch is incredible. There's no other way to describe it. I've scratch myself until I dripped blood because the pain felt better than the itch. It's debilitating. Tar ointment helps a little. Cortizone steroids don't work after awahile. Basically just staying clean and moisturized is the only thing to help flare ups. Putting ice on the burning and itching can numb it at times.

  8. I just noticed your signature: allergy to wheat/oats, milk, eggs, corn, yeast, tree nuts, turkey, fish, seeds, mold, dust, dander, pollens, soy and other legumes

    Son: allergy to milk, corn, beans/legumes

    if you can't have legumes....isn't peanut a legume? Some places use peanut oil.

    if you are allergic to corn, you will need to know if their salt is iodized, bc many salts (including regular table salt at home, Morton's) has corn derivatives in it.

    (I'm not sure if you were asking for you or for someone else, but I wanted to add that)

    I react to some legumes, but not all. So far not peanuts, but I develope new allergies all the time. So I try not to eat them too often. I haven't eaten anything at any restaurant in a long time. I am just curious because I thought I might try it, but I'm in no hurry to use my epipen either.

  9. Ugh, I think it was food poisoning too. I still feel tired and am only eating jello and bland stuff. I feel really tired and light headed. We had goose for Thanksgiving, because I'm allergic to turkey. I found out, after questioning my husband, that he thawed on our bird in HOT water. UGH! What was he thinking??? I just don't get why it made me sick and not him. Luckily our son didn't eat any.

  10. Thanksgiving I got violently ill. After eating I was vomiting, and then came the D. Errrr. It was aweful. I'm still recovering from the severe dehydration and my brain feels fuzzy. No one else got sick, so I'm wondering if it's just because of the gluten or maybe my food allergies. How do you tell? I've never been THAT sick after being glutened, but you never know.

  11. My entire family is going to my moms house for the holiday, but my husband and I decided we were going to make a special meal at home that my son and I can eat. I just want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving rather than freak out about cross contamination, hoping I don't have to use my epipen or be stuck with those horrible stomach aches that we all know so well. My mom was upset, but I think she's over it now. I told her we would be over after meal time to visit with everyone, which is really what is important, right?