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  1. Thank you so much! I’m asking for a different reason. One of my children has celiac and we have all had a celiac panel done and are awaiting genetic testing results. My other child got back a result of “dq2” and I was just curious because in my research, I see that dq2.2 alone is way less commonly linked to celiac. DQ2.2 is what I believe I have as well. So I’m wondering when a lab says “dq2” if it involves 2.2, 2.5 or both? Thanks for the info!
  2. if genetic testing comes back as “positive for DQ2” with no additional info, what does that mean? It doesn’t specify 2.2 or 2.5. How is DQ2 broken down? If you have only 2.2, do you have half of DQ2? If you have only 2.5, do you have half? Or is 2.5 the “complete” DQ2? So confused.
  3. Thank you! I appreciate all of this information. Thank you!
  4. Hmmmm....that’s very interesting to know. Thanks!
  5. My daughter’s ttg-IgA, deaminated gliadin iga and igg all came back off the charts positive, so there’s no doubt to me she has celiac. Haven’t had the biopsy yet. I can’t find any info online about the ttg-igg, which came back negative. Just wondering why this is? Every article only talks about positive ttg-igg. Her total iga is normal, btw. Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much for this information!
  7. Thanks! I literally just got this news so I know absolutely nothing. Does celiac CAUSE thyroid issues?
  8. Hello. I was just told my 5 year old daughter had >100 on her ttg. I haven’t seen the labs yet and don’t remember what other tests were taken. Is there ever a false positive/ another reason why numbers would be so high? Also, her dad and 2 grandmothers have hypothyroidism. Her levels came back normal, but that’s something they say they have to continue to watch to see if it pops up. My second question is, could hypothyroid cause a false positive or is it just that those two diagnoses are common together? Could it cause a false positive it if she has normal thyroid levels? Thanks!