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    I live in Athens, GA. In art, I like working with functional pottery, ceramic sculpture, drawing, painting, photography. I produce "Hanging On For Mercy" a podcast for GaragePunk.com where I also help moderate the forums. My taste in music lies in 60s rock 'n' roll, old soul, gritty bluegrass, dreamy psych, hooky pop.... I dig writing, road trips, and junkin'... and sometimes local rags like Flagpole and Stomp and Stammer even publish my screed.

    Been great getting my mind back since cleaning out my system. I'm writing for publication once again. Soon I hope to reopen my clay studio and see about getting that productive.
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Oh, just figured why somethign on their gluten free menu would make ya sick... apparently, the gluten-free version uses a different sauce than does the regular version. Also depends on the server. One server was all on top of it, got it was very helpful, but a few days later, the girl I was dealing...
  3. !!!!!! Do they slather it with soy sauce or some other such nonsense?
  4. Julie, good news about Doc Cheys! I have yet to check them out since my doc laid down the law. East-West never much impressed me. Never drawn to Wild Wing so yet another reason not to set foot in there. Have you checked out Clocked? Know anyone downtown serving potato vodka? And yeah, you may be...
  5. cool! keep me posted on what you discover! Me, I'll see if I can cross paths with the Grit owners soon.
  6. The yeast isn't all over everything, just the golden bowl (fried cubes of tofu over rice with the option of cheese and/or veggies) and two brunch dishes: tofu and veggies and potatoes and veggies, and on those two, it'd be easy to leave out the yeast. It's only the golden bowl that the tofu cubes...
  7. Ha! rare for the Grill! hahaha! but thanks for letting me know that they can work with me. sigh, I'll miss their fried okra and mashed potatoes. As for the Grit, some stuff they can leave the yeast off of, but other stuff, like the tofu, it's so integrated that I doubt they could. There's...
  8. Hey Michelle, yeah, I'm off dairy and soy, too. Challenging even though the food culture in Athens is getting more sophisticated.... Can't yet vouch for the corn taco shells yet at the T-Stand, but their "spanish" rice is okay, but the yellow "fiesta" rice has soy in it, even if it is way down on...
  9. Oh, and I forgot Fook's Asian Foods... Here's a handy article: http://www.earthfare.com/news2.asp?news_ID=267
  10. I'm from Athens! Welcome to town! I'm new to this gluten-free diet, but after a month of following this way of eating, here's what I've figured out: Groceries: Earthfare is my savior, like a small Whole Foods without gluten-free baked goods. Phoenix Natural Foods - on the edge of downtown...