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  1. [quote name='Mosaics' date='Jun 16 2007, 02:32 PM']I previously had not heard of a connection between celiac disease and TB, but I have a friend who has celiac disease and has recently been having TB-like symptoms. He's going for several test this coming week, but I think he is expecting...
  2. Just found out from the manufacturer of the PPD Tuberculin skin test that there is no guarantee that is does not contain gluten. They had me give them a report with all my information to have on record. I had a reaction with reddness, itchy blisters and the infamous "bump". They retested me on...
  3. kerrih

    Gluten Free Lipstick

    [quote name='laurie1067' date='Jun 1 2007, 05:12 AM']I don't know about the lipstick, but Centrum vitamins are gluten free. [/quote] Thanks for the info!!!
  4. Does anyone out there know of any brands of lipstick that are gluten free.? I am still having some symptoms and trying to find the source of the gluten. Also, which vitamins are best for the gluten free diet? Thanks Kerri
  5. kerrih

    Tb Skin Tests

    Just saw another blog on a positive TB skin test on someone with celiac/gluten sensitivity. Is there anyone out there that has gluten intolerance and has had a positive TB skin test? My skin test was positive upon returning to work (RN) after staying home with my children. Kerri