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  1. I also had a negative biopsy, but positive bloodwork. The "gold standard" isn't so gold anymore. Now the most sensitive...
  2. kerrih

    gluten-free Pancakes At Ihop!

    I just went to IHOP and the corn pancakes are NOT gluten free. They have flour in them. I asked before I ordered. ...
  3. kerrih

    gluten-free Pancakes At Ihop!

    Sounds great, thanks for the info. FYI IHOP puts pancake batter in their eggs. Who would have thought. Be careful...
  4. I am in a similar boat! I have also been gluten-free for a year and every now and then I get pretty sick. Maybe just...
  5. kerrih

    More Information On Tb Test

    [quote name='Mosaics' date='Jun 16 2007, 02:32 PM']I previously had not heard of a connection between celiac disease...
  6. kerrih

    More Information On Tb Test

    Just found out from the manufacturer of the PPD Tuberculin skin test that there is no guarantee that is does not contain...
  7. Hello, Just wanted to share with you that I have been gluten-free for a year and I have had hypoglycemic issues. My...
  8. kerrih

    Anyone Ever Cheat On This Diet?

    I am the same way with the post gluten-free diet ingestion of gluten. More severe symptoms now that I have been gluten...
  9. kerrih

    Anyone Ever Cheat On This Diet?

    Yeah, I really miss donuts and pizza the most. I have two children and it is hard when they are enduldging in those...
  10. kerrih

    Make Up

    I agree with you on the Lame Advertisement prices. Crazy!! I too sent an email to maybelline and they sent me a list...
  11. I have been gluten free for a year and have had the disease for about the past 20 years of my life. I am 34 now. I...
  12. kerrih


    I tried one of the bars and it was okay. I did notice the maltodextrin in the ingredients which is most likely corn...
  13. kerrih

    What Are Chances?

    Sounds like we are in the same boat! I have had "IBS" symptoms for about 15 years. Diagnosed with celiac a year ago...
  14. kerrih

    Gluten Free Lipstick

    [quote name='laurie1067' date='Jun 1 2007, 05:12 AM']I don't know about the lipstick, but Centrum vitamins are...
  15. kerrih

    Gluten Free Lipstick

    Does anyone out there know of any brands of lipstick that are gluten free.? I am still having some symptoms and trying...