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  1. Thanks everybody for your insights. There are lots of pieces to this puzzle, it seems. At this point my daughter is on a strict whole foods diet with no gluten, eggs or dairy. We avoid corn as well. I give her 750 mg of GABA daily, and that seems to be helping a lot. After much research, I think my daughter's intestine was made very leaky by years of gluten exposure, and continues to let through lots of things that shouldn't be in her blood stream. Those things are causing inflammation that affects her moods. To heal her gut, I am trying the REID diet. Impossible to say what it is doing
  2. Thanks, BergieF. I think the fact that her symptoms appear primarily behavioral has been really confusing for me as a non-celiac parent trying to navigate this. She becomes so beligerant about things that are so meaningless. I thought for years that she had a mental illness, and there still might be something. I have to nail down the gluten stuff in order to know what's what, but the gluten is such a mine field. Everyone's thoughts, advice and experience here is incredibly helpful!
  3. So, you got angry and emotional when using Eucerin? I just want to make sure thst's what you are saying. I am still trying to find my daughter's new baseline for behavior, and I always wonder what is gluten and what might be something else!
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded! This is all good advice. On the camp front, it's a day camp and I pack her lunch. Nonetheless, her twin brother, who goes to all the same camps, says that there are crumbs all over the table during lunch, so that's a likely source. She also does use lotion a lot, and probably isn't washing her hands afterward. I just hadn't realized how sensitive people can be to this stuff. Also, since her symptoms are mostly emotional/behavioral, the whole thing is harder to pin down for me. Thanks again!
  5. Hello. My 8 year old daughter has gluten intolerance that manifests in terrible behavioral problems. We learned of this in March, after years of searching for the reasons she acted the ways she did. Since then, we have done everything we can to eliminate gluten and dairy (another intolerance diagnosed), along with a number of food additives that have proven problematic. The change has been dramatic. Here is the thing: over the past three weeks, her behavior has tanked. She is angry all the time, and has hit and kicked me on several occasions. She is in camp, but I send her with snacks an
  6. Cyclinglady, thank you so much for your thoughts! Yes, my daughter is on board with the diet. She says she feels better physically and hates it when she gets mad. That means I don't have to worry so much about her cheating. There are screw ups, however, like when she didn't realize that the dip for sone carrots at an event she went to could cause her problems. Also, some products that we had been eating and thought were ok contain citric acid, which she reacts to, but she doesn't realize it. I am very proud of her self restraibt, but I also think she must have felt awful for a long time.
  7. My 7 year old was found to be gluten, casein and egg intolerant in March. Since then, I have done everything I can to eliminate those things from her diet, and have been pretty successful. She had had terrible issues with rage and tantrums and general irritability since before she was 2, but after 3 weeks on the diet I saw a calmer, happier girl. Unfortunately, however, as the weeks have passed, She has hand numerous incidents wgere the rage returns. I have determined that she also reacts to citric acid additives, Natural Flavor and Caramel color. That rules out 90 percent of prepackaged
  8. My daughter, age 7 3/4, has very similar issues. Starting at abou age 2, she started sobbibg and screaming uncontrollable. Doctors thought it was everything from the autism spectrum to ADHD to bipolar disorder. It took years to figure out what was really going on. Finally, this year she was tested for food sensitivities and the results came back showing intolerance to gluten, egg and dairy (casein). Withing three weeks of going on the diet, she was dramatically better, but we kept having relapses, over the past couple of months, I have learned to weed out carmel color, citric acid addit
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