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  1. Hello! I guess I'm the newest Canadian to join the CDF.

    I live in Newmarket, Ontario. I am married and have 2 children.

    I have been living with celiac disease for almost 37 years and have never

    been apart of any type of support group. It will be interesting to learn

    more about how others cope with this disease.

    My last biopsy was in 1992.

    I am beginning to find it more difficult to maintain a gluten free diet now

    more than ever, primarily due to self-professed laziness and a myriad of excuses.

    I'll make the effort to buy rice bread and rice pasta, yet I don't think twice about

    having a slice of pizza or birthday cake if made available.

    I tend to suffer from symptoms such as depression, fatigue, irritability and adult

    acne and sinus headaches - all of which may or may not be due to my celiac disease (who knows?).

    I guess I'm curious about what the future holds for me in terms of developing more

    serious problems as time goes on and who's to say these potential problems wouldn't have

    naturally ocurred as a part of aging anway? Am I still in denial after all these years? :blink: