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  1. Hi, being a pretty new kid on the celiac block, and the ripe young age of 63, I, with no hard feelings, realize an exercise in futility when it presents itself. I have but one symptom (so far!), but have had to resort to taping my hands, due to the excruciating itch of dh, and will not EVEN CONSIDER going into that situation. People are people, and it just isn't worth it to me. I'm sure this is not an origional idea, but what about local gatherings of us "gluteneers", renting a reasonably priced hall, and having a meet and greet? Sounds kind of fun to me! Just a thought.... Igiveup 07/16/2018--6:15pmcdt
  2. It seems as though the more I research, and dedicate myself to becoming gluten free(only 6-8 weeks now), the worse my dh is getting! I know I am probably missing some things, but my diet compared to several weeks ago, is hugely improved! I have learned that humility, and always remaining teachable will be one of my best allies in this battle. Just this morning, after making a dreaded assumtion that what I heard earlier about coffee, was not all inclusive, and that I might very well been poisening myself, with about 40 - 60 ounces of instant coffee every morning! Plus relying on a cheap variety(great value) of hazelnut creamer( just because it said gluten free, not certified! ) So off to the store for a new coffee maker, ground Folgers, and...we'll see! I am sorry to be so lengthy, but if I can save anyone, or only one person from dh of this magnitude, I will be at least a happier camper! As I stated earlier, it seems my outbreaks have only been getting worse. I (so far) have only experienced dh, but don't know how much more I can tolerate, and find it impossible to believe that I am using "only" and "dermatitis herpediformus" in the same sentence!!! I still have two months to go in a new job, until my insurance kicks in, and in the meantime will have to see a dermatologist, instead of a gastro-intestinal dr. Believe me, I can ill afford to not tell this dr. that I had a preliminary diagnosis via, skin biopsy, that indicated celiac. This is hideous. Please, any ideas???????? Thank you for the posts I've read so far, and hopefully, if anyone is doing the instant coffee thing.... it might be wise to reconsider!
  3. Igiveup

    Meat Tenderizer

    Thank you for the help! This is my 5th day gluten free. After an ugly round of skin blistering last week, I have finally come to believe that this s..t is for real! ?