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  1. Tina77

    Psychosis Episode

    UPDATE: First, I would like to thank everyone that took the time to respond. It means so much. I feel so alone in this especially because no one around me understands. I realized my gluten intolerance at age 33 so it's been 2 yrs. It...
  2. Tina77

    Psychosis Episode

    Thank you for your response. I feel more like maybe I need to see a doc. I never knew this.
  3. Tina77

    Psychosis Episode

    Thank you for responding. I have and it came out negative but just the blood test. I have not done a biopsy. Its frustrating to find a doctor in Las Vegas that can understand but I am going to keep trying. I am not taking any medications...
  4. Tina77

    Psychosis Episode

    Thank you for responding. That makes sense I have not been good on taking my vitamins lately. Did you feel wierd when you took magnesium? I have tried taking magnesium and it makes me feel a little wierd.
  5. I wanted to know if anyone has had a kind of psychotic episode that last for a few minutes after being glutened? My symptoms are getting worse due to the fact that I feel the gluten is messing with my head. I recently got glutened and the...