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  1. I was diagnosed with Lyme in 1989 about two years after the c.f.s. diagnosis. They treated it with antibiotics and the next test was negative. The doctor was puzzled that I didn't feel any better. People are also perplexed that my problems haven't gone away since being on a gluten-free diet. I do drink soy milk but will have to try getting rid of all dairy as have sinusitis too. Will there be anything left I can eat? The fibro was diagnosed in 1995 but I think it's all connected. As there are many in my support group who have been told they have fibro and c.f.s. Haven't found any that also have celiac or at least they don't know they do. I've advised them all to be tested. Apparently I'm more likely to get osteoporosis since I have celiac and had a total hysterectomy. Has anyone else been told that? My father died from non hodgkins lymphoma and complained about stomach problems for as far back as I can remember and now I know that is another thing that is linked. Diane
  2. hi, I'm still trying to get used to this forum thing. Not quite sure how to find the article you mentioned about the spoon method? Thanks for all your suggestions. I think when I'm finally out doing things I want to take care of it all in one day so I don't have to go out the next day. And then of course I'm in agony when I come home! Diane
  3. Hi, enjoyed the story of scaring the applebees staff! Something my husband would do. I to had no luck in e-mailing them for a gluten free menu so haven't been there since being diagnosed. It used to be our favorite place. Thanks for the items stated to be safe from corporate office. We have had great help from our local Outback steakhouse and our local Olive garden. Although Olive Garden only had three things and wasn't worth it to me, they still knew what I was talking about. I think it just depends on the staff at each restaurant. Diane
  4. Hi everyone especially Ursalla for all your suggestions. I have started eliminating the gluten free cookies and sticking to rice crackers. I've lost four pounds just by doing that. I've always had a big craving for sugar and as soon as a friend told me what candies were safe I have been buying them too much. There right at the checkstand and if I missed eating lunch I grab one. So that is my next task to talk myself out of doing that. I have tried tai chi a couple years ago but the instructor moved. All of us had cfs or fibro in the group so he was a great teacher. I just checked into a club fifty the other day. I understand it is like curves but for us older folks and they had several people with fibro going there. They have a diet program but when I asked about gluten they had to look it up first. It looks like it is mostly shakes which I don't know if I will do even if gluten free. I just started taking mangosteen juice which is supposed to help with fibro and sinusitis etc. I see a chiropractor often and he recommended the mangosteen. It's available at costco or on the internet. It's interesting how many of you mentioned facial pain. I've had T.M.J. since I was a teen and a few years ago spent oodles of money for veneers after being tired of all the dental appliances. But I still get headaches mostly around my sinuses but my x-rays always show no sinus infection. I haven't tried massage and I'm wondering if that is my next experiment. I will let you know if I do join club fifty and if I lose weight and can handle the exercise. When I walk too much which means just grocery shopping I'm in pain around my ankles and feet! I'm wondering if I'm still getting gluten in something I'm not aware of? Diane
  5. Hi, anyone who is struggling with weight issues that also has either fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome? I was diagnosed two years ago with celiac and hoped it was the answer to all my health problems I'd dealt with for twenty years. The acute stomach pain went away and the twenty five pounds I'd lost while waiting to be diagnosed quickly came back on as I enjoyed food again. Since then I have gained another twenty five and can not find a program with gluten free food. Asked Jenny Craig, L.A. weight loss, Nutra system etc. I'm too tired to spend a lot of time cooking and haven't found the right exercise either that doesn't leave me in a lot of pain. Any suggestions I'd appreciate. Thanks, Diane
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