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    Sinus Issues?

    I have had sinus or more likely mucus mebrane issues all my life leading to quite serious chest and sinus disease. This is most likely caused by a genetic condition called PCD or Primary Cilary dyskenesia where the hair like sweeper structutres on mucus membrane tissue work ineffectively. Over the years this has lead me to having chronic infection causing quite serious and permanant lung damage. I have only 45% of lung function left and am unable to work. I went gluten free after my kids were suspected of coeliac disease.One of the welcome and unexpected benefits was an improvement in lung function of about 20%. Somehow ingestion of gluten was causing inflamation in my airways. The sini act as a filter for your airways.Swollen mucus filled sini are trying to prevent incompatable substances reach your lower airways. I probably got both genes PCD and celiac disease. Just unlucky. But if you are sesitive to a substance your swollen congested sini are probably overwaorked trying to protect you.
  2. D_mentias

    Coughing And Phlem

    I don't know if being glutened has caused you to cough and splutter or not.Coughing and bring up sputum is not normal. It indicates an assault on your airways and the over- production of sputum means your lungs may become infected and in the end run damage your lungs. Get checked out. I have only recently found out I am a possible celiac disease. I have had lung disease ALL my life. My primary diagnosis is bronchiectasis with a chronic pseudomonas infection. I only have about 45% of my lung capacity left . It was thought to be the result of a genetic condition called PCD. This is where the hairlike structues on your mucus membrame don't work correctly and sweep the mucus out. People have problems wherever thay have mucus membrane, sinus and lungs are common. Men are generally infertile and women subfertile. If consuming gluten causes inflamation in your body I expect that sometimes this may involve your airways where they will secrete mucus to protect themselves. It will be interesting as I start gluten-free to see if my underlying condition improves.