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  1. The withdrawal usually takes 1 month at least as it happened to me and to feel well depends on the damage of intestines. Keep yourself on gluten free diet and stop taking immodium if you want to see the difference. My prayers and good wishes are with you for recovery. Best of luck.
  2. You are positive for celiac disease as your level og total serum IGA is high. You should read about cross contamination and any vitamins that are gluten free and Ensure is also a good option for vitamins.
  3. When you have reached to your home country then you should go for official diagnosis if it is possible to tolerate gluten for at least 1-2 months. Best of luck
  4. The same has happened to me and still I am not having any proper answer. But my gene test is positive for celiac disease and at the time of endoscopy I was on gluten free diet. Go to someother competent gastroentrologist. I am now on gluten diet and my health is declining badly. Best...
  5. Before you go on gluten challenge it's better to go on celiac disease genes test; HLA TYPING CLASS II. It will help you to rule out either you have celiac disease / dermatitis herptiformis /gluten sensitivity because they are many people who get better on gluten free diet with IBS. so look all...
  6. Kindly Respected members. Give your valuable reply. Regards
  7. Here is my report of gene test. According to my knowledge I am positive for celiac disease but I want to take view of respectable members. DQB1* 15:01 03:01 DRB3* 01:01 DRB5* 01:01 DQB1* 02:01 06:01 Thank you in advance.
  8. As your ferritin, vitamin d and iron levels are low without any reason it strongly suggests celiac disease but for proper disgnosis gene test,biopsy is required. You should consult competent gastroentrologist with good repute. I am in search of competent gastroentrologist since 6 years and...
  9. As your vitamin d and iron levels are low it suggests celiac disease because if I am not wrong ,your iron levels is low without any reason. To rule out confusion you should go for celiac gene test. Because if your gene test is positive then you should go for biopsy of small intestines to confirm...
  10. Good to know that you get right diagnosis. In 06 biopsies it is possible to get negative results for celiac disease because it is also possible that gastroentrologist has not taken biopsy from damaged area. Be sure to learn about cross contamination and be on strict gluten free diet. Best of luck...
  11. I agree with cyclinglady, straight away go for strict gluten free diet as your increased levels of blood show celiac disease and also go for gene test to get confirm diagnosis if biopsy comes negative or even positive. It will confirm your diagnosis. Best of luck
  12. To GFinDC and cycling lady, I really want to go for gluten free diet but after proper disgnosis because I went gluten free for two times but I had cross contamination every week because my family do not understand cross contamination completely and it causes dispute in home,every day . Dr's also...
  13. I agree with you Ennis_TX, I was talking about psyllium husk. I took it only one time and it has increased intensity of my pain. I do not take more fiber because it increases my diarrhea. I am really thankful for your suggestions. I already take low fiber diet. I also took non dairy probiotics...
  14. As still you are on gluten free diet. You should go for gene test of celiac disease; HLA Typing Class II. Because for gene test it is not required to be on gluten diet. If you test come back positive then you should go on gluten diet for at least 8 weeks to go for blood tests of celiac disease which...
  15. It means that you are allergic to those food items which result is in high values. But,till you see your Dr. Take normal diet so he can also check you out for celiac disease if he thinks it is required. Best of luck dear.