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  1. Peter D. Ulcerative Colitis is as a result of gluten sensitivity resulting in celiacs disease not a disease randomly on its own. Forget reglutenizing yourself thats just crazy and...
  2. Cylinglady yes they do know what causes other autoimmune diseases. Gluten sensitivity. Eating gluten if you are sensitive causes a heightened immune reaction which then attacks...
  3. Zepp 15. I am astounded that a Gastroenterologist who says you have the celiac gene tells you to reintroduce gluten in any form let alone by drinking gallons of barley water. The...
  4. I have been researching DH for years because of my husband's undiagnosed skin condition which has taken over our lives. I have read you can have DH with or without being celiac...
  5. I know this posting is old but this is the first time I've heardbeen that If a can take years to come to the skin surface. This is very interesting as my husbandphone has had terrible...
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