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  1. I have been unable to "cry" for years...it really worried me because I had been through a major life changing event which caused severe stress for years. I went off an antidepressant, and recently felt an urge to cry on several occasions, but it didn't actually happen. I came off the antidepressant...
  2. Thanks everyone for the valuable information. I understand that I must not eat gluten, but sometimes (just recently) I got a little angry and ate something at a reception because I was so tired of not having certain foods! Anyway, I had no major reaction, but am back on my gluten free diet. I...
  3. Unless you have a stool sample which indicates infection, I would not continue to stay on antibotics which can mess with your intestinal flora. This can cause another condition which is more serious called C-diff. One of my symptoms was severe diarrhea for a long period of time.
  4. Does anyone have Gastroentestinal Reflux Disease as well as Gluten issues? And the other question is has anyone been able to go back and eating something with wheat etc. after say 10 years with no reaction. I actually tried something recently with no reaction per se; but maybe slight bloating. ...