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  1. If it says Gluten-free or Certified Gluten Free, it means the same thing. They cannot put either on the label without it meeting the federal standards...20 ppm or less. There are also 3 different organizations that can label as "Certified" and they have different standards from each other. I...
  2. I think the article incorrectly states "To have these inconvenient misunderstandings, people must first have some idea that celiac disease exists, and that a gluten-free diet is part of it." I think the problems is that people know nothing about Celiac disease and assume everyone who is Gluten...
  3. I was initially diagnosed with Grave's Disease at age 39 after 2 years of misdiagnosis with hiatal hernia. I was treated with radiation and about 4 years later my sister started to notice one of my eyes was looking bigger and more pushed forward than the other. I went to an opthamologist and told...