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  1. I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins for 6 months now, as well as an additional dose of iron for my anemia 🙂 I’m going to try and practice extra patience’s for the next few months and pray for the best! Thank-you Karen!
  2. Cyclinglady, I was over joyed to see your response this morning when I woke up! I wasn’t sure how often people reply to posts so I was optimistic that anyone would even see my post. Firstly, I’m 31 and just finished my BSN degree as of this week and I live in California. So although I know a great deal of medical/nursing knowledge, when it comes to dealing with a personal diagnosis, as well as a major lifestyle change - I’m seeking info and encouragement from others My OB said to give it (it meaning being completely gluten-free) at least 2 months. She seemed pretty confident that my anemia would begin resolving as well as my menstraul cycle would restart sometime within that time period. Now, I know this estimated time frame is not a gaurentee, so I’m trying to prepare myself for it to be a bit longer. Another side note, my hormone levels are normal, as well as I have no thyroid issues - totally healthy minus the anemia and the Celiac diagnosis. I actually had very few symptoms of Celiac, nothing I ever complained about - though even after 2 weeks of being gluten-free, I must admit I feel different. I’m hungry way more often (I was always known for eating healthy, but very little) and yet, I feel lighter - not like I have a rock in my stomach. I find it fascinating that the body compensates and finds a new baseline when dealing with an illness that was not known of, in my body, for who knows how long. Anyway, I’m babbling now. I don’t know anyone personally that is living life with Celiac, and even more so, one who is my age, married and wanting so badly to start a family, so I appreciate the opportunity to join this forum community (and Celiac community in general) and reach out. I’ve actualky eaten out twice already. One night at a restaurant that offered gluten-free options (for my anniversary) and most recently at In & Out. They do specific food allergy preventions as far as my research has shown me and personal experience. I’ve always ordered my burger protein style as, (lucky for me) I’m not a huge fan of bread. In addition, In & Out mark’s that you have a gluten allergy and supposedly cooks everything in a designated fryer and grill that is gluten-free. Husband and I don’t eat out often, I cook every night and so I feel as if I’ve been on track eating 100% gluten-free. My one other concern is Starbucks ... I enjoy a Vanilla Latté frequently and have seen several mixed reviews as to what syrups are gluten-free. This is one of my top gluten questions as well, haha! In a bit shell, I’ll heed the advice being given and try to just focus on eating gluten-free and giving my body time to heal. I never thought the pull to be a Mom would feel this strong though, so waiting is literally hurting my heart, but I wouldn’t want to get pregnant (by a miracle) and lose the baby either, due to the healing in progress. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I look forward to hearing more from you and others, and weighing in on other topics as I research and learn on my own gluten-free journey Hugs back, Rebekah/Mrs.armbarr
  3. Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum as well as to being diagnosed with Celiac. I’ve been gluten-free now for 2 weeks. Before discovering I have Celiac, my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. I’d been off birth control now for 6 months and for some reason I wasn’t having my period. In talking with my OB and many blood tests later we discovered I was severely anemic despite my extremely healthy eating habits. The severe anemia lead my OB to test for Celiac which has led me here. Although discovering I have Celiac was a shock, it answers many other health and physical issues I have been dealing with; however my husband and I still are waiting and waiting to get pregnant. I could really use some encouragement as well as some advice from anyone who has gone through this. I’m trying not to worry because I know stress affects the body so negatively, but I’m constantly wondering how long it will take my body to “get back to normal” now that I’ve gone gluten-free. My OB adviced I wait 2 months for some GI healing and then contact her if I still haven’t had a period. She’s 100% attributing my infertility to the vitamin deficiencies, and therefore the infertility.