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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Probably the only thing you can do is try some chocolate with lecithin in it. My family was intolerant to soy but do fine with lecithin now. We were totally soy free for over a year though. We will eat stuff with soyoil (like mayo) when we eat at other people's houses since we don't want to put...
  3. Many thanks for all of your support. I appreciate all you do for me and this community!

  4. I'm not sure about that but my assumption has been that you always have to ask for vitamin levels to be checked.
  5. The following site has b12 information. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000574.htm
  6. Definately make sure you have all your vitamin levels tested. B12 deficiency could cause tingling.....don't know if it does in the face though. Another thing to consider if all your other tests come up with nothing and this hasn't resolved is to have testing done for lyme. I know Igenix in the...
  7. I've been using tapioca starch in place of potato starch. Looks like I should go back to potato starch. We have enough intolerances without adding to it, or getting serverely sick. I have Bob's tapioca that I use in bread and the children eat quite a bit of it.
  8. Thanks Andrea for being so caring and concerned about all of us when you have so much going on yourself!

  9. Thanks for the comment. This is the first time I've done one of these. So much to learn!

  10. I've often wondered if my vegan diet (only 3 years), with lots of gluten and soy made things worse with me and my family. Some of us also have problems with beans so we've gone back to the meat based diet. We only by natural meats, the best you can buy. For me, I've found that I don't have to...
  11. They do?!?! I just bought some from the gluten free store in our area but I will have to watch this as sometimes we buy them elsewhere.
  12. Erewhon (sp?) has a rice cereal......I forget the other one, maybe Nature's Path.
  13. I have a recipe thread I've started that has gluten, dairy and mostly soy free recipes. http://www.celiac.com/index.php?showtopic=23795
  14. Those ingredients look ok for gluten. Do you have any other allergies? Is there a reason you went off dairy? Aside from dairy (cheddar cheese, sour cream and whey) you have a lot of msg sources (msg, artificial flavor and citric acid, possibly color). The vegetable oil could be causing problems...
  15. I buy Breyers since it is a Unilever company and will disclose gluten products in the ingredient label.