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  1. I want to reiterate what many have already said.

    Mercury doesn't work alone and more likely than not you are going to continue to have some health problems. You don't know what tipped what and when. I would definately recommend a strict gluten free diet for at least a year, if not two to see if that makes a difference. Soy has caused many problems as well. The best thing you can start for your health is changing your diet. A gluten free, low grain (or no grain), low sugar natural foods diet will do a lot for you if you give it time. There are numerous problems associated with gluten alone. Grains can affect the brain in a negative way.

    You ask why you have developed problems and other people have not. Not everyone is exposed to the same toxins; airborne, water, foods (from pesticides etc). Not everyone has the same genetic makeup. The body is complex and individuals are complex.

    I have a lot of amalgams as does my mother. She doesn't have any health problems, I do. Mine are not severe and the gluten free diet has helped. I do plan on getting my teeth done at some point, when I am able.

  2. Charcoal and chlorella are good if you tolerate them. I had tried chlorella once and it didn't go over well with me. I was muscle tested and put on another brand. It is very difficult to self treat for mercury as you can really mess up your body more if you don't detox well or your detox is sluggish.

    I wouldn't recomment the cilantro because of that.

    Charcoal needs to be taken away from other supps. I've never used it myself but that is what others have said.

    It is very important to try and find a practitioner that can help you with this so you don't cause yourself more harm. Any naturopath's or holistic doctors near you? You need to weigh everything you're told. There is good and bad in both sides of medicine.

  3. There are different protocols out there. It's hard to say what to do because everyone is different and has different needs of support for their body.

    Have you looked at http://www.iaomt.org/

    That website has some good info on it.

    I was going to have my teeth done last fall but was unable too. I was given a protocol, but I won't say anything on that due to my first statement.

    Your body would need support as well as help with the mercury that is stirred up during the removal (a toxin binder) for one. My protocol had me starting things a month ahead of when the first removal was. Read up on this and see what you can do to help you body deal with the additional mercury during this time. High protein and high veggie intake in very important, along with lots of water to flush the system.

  4. Ravenwood,

    I had just read that and was going to post too.

    I'm encouraged about any further studies they do to continue to try and nail down more about celiac genes etc.

    Unless something is posted to the contrary, what I've read still says DH is the skin manifestation of celiac.

    Dangerous Grains lists many, many gluten associated medical conditions, so it wouldn't surprise me if they linked other things with DH, but it doens't seem to change that DH would stop being considered a skin manifestation of celiac, and if it did they would have the burden of proof about those with DH who eat gluten and break out.

  5. I have to agree that classicaly DH is considered celiac. Once you have a leaky gut it would be pretty easy for the gluten protein (I'm not sure of the official word once broken down) to cross over and cause varying problems/reactions thoughtout the body.

    The report that MommaGoose posted from sounds like it's saying that the gene linked with DH doesn't always cause DH, but it does say that DH is a form of celiac disease. It sounds like with the discovery of this gene that has been linked with DH that they are finding other diseases as well and that it needs further research.

  6. Envirokidz has some gluten free cereal and some not gluten free cereal. The Cheetah Chomps, Lemur and Penguin cereals are NOT gluten free.

    Whole Foods has all the Envirokidz cereals along one line, they don't separate out the gluten free cereals from the others. In fact, the Whole Foods stores I've been in have the gluten free stuff in the same section of whatever food product it is.....right along with their gluten containing counterparts.

  7. I'm not sure what information you are looking for, but

    The 2,2 from parent one (which Child also has) is the DQ2 gene that is a celiac gene.

    The others, 3,7 (DQ7); 1,5; and 3,9 (DQ9...I think) are not common celiac genes, but there are members of this board that have those and have been diagnosed celiac.

    The 1,5 (DQ1) is more known for nuerological manifestations from what I've gleaned from other members here.

  8. I believe your plain mustard is gluten free. I don't know what ingredients are in the specialty mustards. I eat mustard occasionaly (although not out) and it doesn't bother me.....I'm not real symptomatic though.

    I don't know why the waitress would have mentioned the mustard seed. I would have expected something about the vinegar in it, but it's supposed to be safe. The mustard I use has apple cider vinegar in it.

  9. Oh YAY, this is AMAZING!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    Ditto Kassandra. :D

    I wear a hat everyday at work....and I always think its funny if I go into my work on the weekend and I'm not wearing a hat. The people that I work with everyday will walk right past me and not even recognize me! :lol:

    They're not used to seeing me without a hat and they always say that I look like a totally different person. Oh yeah...and they can SEE my eyes! :lol:

    :lol: I can totally see that.

    People have told me before that I appear stuck up too. I don't know if that's changed. I always try to smile at people, even though I'm not talkative. I love people, just don't do well with chatting. I am capable of talking though, but that's when it's more personal in natrue.