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  1. Hey: Anyone out there know where in Ontario you can buy Rice Chex cereal--hitting roadblocks everywhere I've looked. L.A.
  2. This is the response I got--should be good to go. Also, I have discovered another company that has many gluten free products for hair/body etc. Check out greenbeaver.com (yep it's Canadian eh ) Hello Again Lori My apologies!! Error from my side! All the products which contain wheat derivatives are not Gluten free. The Yes To Carrots Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo however is Gluten free. Regards Limor
  3. It is so frustrating when you can't get a straight answer from the company that makes the product! You would think they would know what's in it. Argh!
  4. Hi: I bought this shampoo called "Yes to carrots" it looked safe enough but I emailed the manufacturer and they said it should be ok as they use an anti-oxidant in the formula--so what, that kills gluten? Here's the list of ingredients: water, sodium coceth sulfate, magnesium chloride,Dead Sea water, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, propanediol, aloe barbadenis leaf extract, daucus carrot seed oil, daucus carota juice, pumpkin juice, sweet potato extract, cucumis melon extract, citrus aurantium dulcis fruit extract, honey extract, fragrance, algae extracts, silt, niacinimide, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, pomegranate peel estract. What do you think? Thanks! L.A.
  5. My favourite comment? But it's been cooked. (Oh, right the gluten content evaporates once cooked and we're good to go)
  6. RE: Cover Girl mascara, I too read it was all suppose to be gluten-free but after reading the ingredients on many packages, I could not find one that was gluten-free. My avon rep has several gluten-free mascaras (she happened tp stop by my office while I was having my mascara crisis) so I have ordered them and will see how they work. If you google gluten-free Avon, a list of gluten-free products should come up. Thanks for all your replies ladies. L.A.
  7. I need help. What brand name mascaras are gluten free? I look like quite the dork reading labels in the store and comparing them to my many pages of ingredients containing gluten. Also, does anyone know if Herbal Essences "Body Envy" shampoo is gluten free-the ingredients "seem" ok but I would like a 2nd opinion--thanks!
  8. I hope I'm not being celiac-paranoid here, but is nail polish a concern? Since I don't put my toes in my mouth I'm not worried about polish on my toes, but what about my finger nails? Any thoughts/experience on the subject? And, if this is a concern, what polish are we to use?
  9. I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 13 and developed celiac's in my 30's--the specialist said the two tend to go hand in hand. The devil had nothing to do with it Hang in there until you move out.
  10. Morning All: Just wondered if anyone is taking biotin for hair loss and how much do you take?
  11. Welcom eh! Also, save your gluten free food receipts because you may claim them at tax time--the difference between "normal foof" and gluten free is claimable. Take care, L.A.
  12. Idiot!

    If I had arranged the affair, I certainly would have found a food friendly place. Since I didn't, I'm just going to roll with it--bring my own food , not worry about the rude manager and enjoy my family and friends! Thanks for listening...you guys are the best.
  13. Idiot!

    It was the manager I was speaking with! I think I will just bring my food as I can't see them kicking me out in the middle of a party--especially when my hubby (1) and kids (3) will more than compensate the restaurant at $30 a head.
  14. Idiot!

    LOL!!! I think I will
  15. My SIL has planned a 75th surprise party for my MIL at a local restaurant. I called to see if it was alright to bring my own dinner. I was told they would prepare my meal and leave out flour and it would be all good (head smack) I explained it was a little more detailed than that and was told I obviously had more problems than celiacs! I was also informed, due to insurance issues (and I work for an insurance company) I could not bring my own food. Any suggestions...other than just avoiding flour and my celiacs is cured?
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