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  1. when I get gultened - sharp abdominal pains, gas, headache/fog, poo troubles, and ache like hell. generally feel like crap also onions seem to set me off as well
  2. I didn't know that. Thanks for ur help. sounds like it's gonna be a long process to feel like me again
  3. I cut gluten out of my diet as I had some symptoms of celiac disease. I did feel better not 100pecent but better than I did. then I got lazy and accidentally got gultened I didn't think my body would react to bad but oh boy I feel so bad it's such a horrible feeling does anyone have any things that...
  4. thank u so much. If it's so confusing don't know what to eat these days
  5. I have been staying clear of dairy as well. im so confused
  6. I've been following a gluten free diet for a few weeks now as I suspect that I've got celiac disease and have been feeling better apart from when I eat gluten free bread it has been setting me off and I feel like crap. It hasn't been cross contaminated so I'm confused HELP!
  7. Thats very helpful actually thank u . It's nice to know it's a real thing
  8. I haven't heard of them, might have to have a look. Salmon bacon ? Sounds interesting
  9. Thank u both I never knew any of that. I always thought it was cause of what the pigs ate now I have no idea. I usually buy it from the supermarket or local butchers. Mmmm I wonder why it does? Maybe it will improve after my system has healed
  10. Brown Rice and pork are meant to be gluten free yet they set me off. Pork I reckon is due to them eating cereals. Brown rice I have no idea although white is fine . Does anyone else get set off by them or is my body just strange?
  11. I've been gluten free for a week now and today I accidently got glutened later on I found my symptoms were ten times worse than normal . Is that normal?
  12. I'm ill again now. It's getting to be a right pain . Looks like I need to have a good read . I just don't like doctors will they even take it seriously?
  13. Im new to the whole thing. I have no idea about cross contamination. I haven't been diagnosed yet I'm scared by the whole thing. But I just know it's gulten
  14. I'm wondering if u have celiac disease/gulten intolerance can it make ur immune system weaker so u get Ill more ? I seem to be getting ill a lot in the last year and didnt normally get Ill at all .