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  1. Oh dear Thanks for the replies. I had read about this before but wasn't sure about the specifics. I've not seen anything in the UK labelled 'Gluten Removed' so I wonder if it's all labelled gluten-free and we have to check the ingredients (which I do tbh!)? One says 'contains gluten-free barley', must be similar to beer-free beer 😕 I'll have to do a bit of research. The Gluten Dude seems to know what he's talking about, I think I'll delve into his pages later and get schooled! Initially I was pleased about the range of beers as I'm an ale-lover and thought I was going to have to make do with cider. Hopefully I can find some that are available somewhere close. Thanks once again for the replies from across the pond, it's much appreciated. Have to say one of the upsides to all this is some fantastic communities that are all happy to help. 👍
  2. Hi all, I'm a month in to being gluten free and doing pretty well I think. We had friends round at the weekend so I prepared dinner including making gluten-free focaccia and cake for afters. We had bread rolls but mine were kept well away from the normal bread rolls. I had three beers over the course of the evening (between 5 and 12) that were all gluten-free. Didn't feel great going to bed and about 2am suffered from a bad stomach and really bad cramps, which is what I expected if I did accidently have gluten. It wasn't the food, definitely. The only doubt I have is the beer, which I have had occasionally since going gluten free, just not these brands. There's really nothing else I can pin it on. I wondered if anyone else has a reaction to gluten-free beers? I had a Celia, Speckled Hen and a Peroni. Thanks!