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  1. Hi Lewis, I tried that Strongbow not long ago and you're right, it is really nice! I've mostly been on the cider, there are some nice ones now, much more of a range than thereused to be. I've been having the gluten-free beers lately and seem to have been ok. I never have them in excess though...
  2. Glad to see a wealth of info by everyone, it's so nice to see people helping other people in similar situations. I'm kind of in limbo at the mo, my biopsy came back negative but I'd gone gluten-free two days after it and I think I'm doing better because of it so I'm thinking it's sensitivity. Had...
  3. Oh dear Thanks for the replies. I had read about this before but wasn't sure about the specifics. I've not seen anything in the UK labelled 'Gluten Removed' so I wonder if it's all labelled gluten-free and we have to check the ingredients (which I do tbh!)? One says 'contains gluten-free barley...
  4. Hi all, I'm a month in to being gluten free and doing pretty well I think. We had friends round at the weekend so I prepared dinner including making gluten-free focaccia and cake for afters. We had bread rolls but mine were kept well away from the normal bread rolls. I had three beers over the...