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  1. Thanks Everyone. The lump is somewhat soft but also hard enough. I can move it and lift it up with my skin if I pull on it. If I press on it I can make it bruise as well. I did have a candida problem previously which I found via a stool test. After a year of treating it my last stool test said no more candida. That was taken about a month before taking the antibiotics, so it's possible it has returned but I am not sure. No yellow skin or yellow in the eyes. I think I will either get a repeat endoscopy or more likely the capsule / pill endoscopy as I am not convinced a regular endoscopy will show me the full scope of the problem since it can only see the first 3 feet of a 20 foot long small intestine.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been diagnosed with celiac and I have been gluten free for the past 9 months, but I have not getting better. The only thing that improved is that I no longer have diarrhea after eating meals. I have bloating after eating, stomach pain, severe dry eye and a lump on my left side below my ribs that is becoming more painful lately. I am wondering what this lump can be? I've had it since before I was diagnosed but it has only recently been getting painful and feels like it is getting bigger. I had a CT scan a year ago that didn't find anything and the colonoscopy and endoscopy I had that found the celiac disease 9 months ago didn't find anything related to the lump. I'm wondering what this lump could be. Can it be inflammation from the celiac or is it likely something else? I'm seeing my gastroenterologist tomorrow and I'm looking for suggestions. He first thought the lump was gas and that I had SIBO / bacterial overgrowth but two weeks of Doxycycline made absolutely no difference for me. I would love to have some ideas of what this could be so I can get him to run some tests on this lump. Thanks.