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    going to the gym, i love to run. being with my boys.
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    wales united kingdom
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. i know im way late this but ive just had a similar problem with my eyes but i havent used...
  3. cant see properly at the moment my vision is blurred and firstly my doc thought it was...
  4. a really rich - moist fruit cake that is suitable for xmas. the kind that nanny used to...
  5. pms - glutend. whats the diff. for me anyway. sometimes i cant tell the difference.
  6. oh yes, major dizzy. ive felt sometimes like im gonna throw up. before being gluten-free...
  7. i also was depressed for a long time, being diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD....
  8. looking for a really nice xmas cake recepie, ive bought 1 from tesco but i have to say...
  9. am trying to find a gluten, wheat and dairy free margerine. mainly for cooking. does anyone...
  10. very intereting info. thanx for that.taz.
  11. ide be well annoyed too. ide say this woman has a damn cheek
  12. my running club is haveing thier 20th anniversary party, bug socail evvent BUT they are...
  13. i have only just found out that i can get a pre - payment prescription , its like £16 ...
  14. ive foung that doing weights and have ing a high protien diet has really helped me. what...
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