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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Could I Have Glutened My Eyes?

    i know im way late this but ive just had a similar problem with my eyes but i havent used any drops or any new makeup or anything. my eyes were sore and red and oozing gunge out, very painfull head ache with it as well. i wonderd if it was a result of being glutened too. by the way ive sufferd with cronic thrush for years and have had thrush in the mouth, arm-pit and the usual places so i can totally relate, its a royal pain in the bum.
  3. cant see properly at the moment my vision is blurred and firstly my doc thought it was an allergic reaction as my eyes are puffya nd red and sore then he said i had an infection which i have drops for my eyes are still blurred and red and sore but not so bad. my ? is can this be to do with celiac in any way? ive heard of the skin problem with celiac and thought maybe it had something to do with it. i have been on the diet but xmas was a major cc issue for me. can anyone sudjest anything. ta 4 any help.
  4. Xmas Cake Recepies

    wow! good on you girl.
  5. Xmas Cake Recepies

    a really rich - moist fruit cake that is suitable for xmas. the kind that nanny used to make that you just cant buy in the shops, my nanny passed her recepie on to me but of course i cant eat it now or make the darn thing without etting ill. the kind that you have to mature for a little time as it maked it taiste better. i want one that the whole family can eat and they wont know the diff, i dont wanna be ill again after trying to make my familys xmas cake this year.
  6. pms - glutend. whats the diff. for me anyway. sometimes i cant tell the difference.
  7. Dizziness

    oh yes, major dizzy. ive felt sometimes like im gonna throw up. before being gluten-free my doctors were testing me for diebeties.
  8. Depression

    i also was depressed for a long time, being diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. been gluten-free since may this year and altho i feel way better i still get days that are bad, for me its about getting use to feeling ok withself and my new situation with my diet. plus it can make you feel really crappy just about your lack of diet never mind anything else. hope you feel better soon. lol taz.
  9. looking for a really nice xmas cake recepie, ive bought 1 from tesco but i have to say its not all that. so im gonna brave bloweing up the kitchen and have a go. any tips anyone has would be really appreciated. cheers
  10. am trying to find a gluten, wheat and dairy free margerine. mainly for cooking. does anyone know of a good one, been searching but cant find one, by the way im in the uk so it has to be able to be sent overseas. thanx in advance for help.
  11. Worrying About My Marathon

    very intereting info. thanx for that.taz.
  12. ide be well annoyed too. ide say this woman has a damn cheek
  13. Club Party

    my running club is haveing thier 20th anniversary party, bug socail evvent BUT they are haveing a bufet for the food, now the cost is preety good £15 a head but if i cant eat anything why should i pay for it ( you know what i mean) the chairman said he is asking for me but things dont look good as i know the club they are picking and its same od same old as far as food is concerned. what do i do? i want to go but i dont want to sit whatching everyone else eat and not myself. im calling lub where its being held and asking them on the off chance there will be anything there for me but im not holding my breath. i dont wanna seem pushy or overbearing so what do i do? anyone have any ideas.
  14. i have only just found out that i can get a pre - payment prescription , its like £16 or something. man im mad that i didnt know, ive spent a fortune buying food from tesco that i can get on repeat presciption for next to nothing. how do i go about gettint it and do you have to have certain requirments to able to have it?
  15. Ran A 5k Today

    ive foung that doing weights and have ing a high protien diet has really helped me. what about a protien shake.