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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. We go to frozen yogurt places like Yogli Mogli (Atlanta area) and even the FRO-yo bars at Racetrack gas stations (fancy, newer locations). They all have allergens listed on the machine for each flavor where you pump it yourself. I also go to Baskin Robins and ask for a new scoop and a new container from the back. I also eat Mc Donald's and Dairy Queen soft serve.
  2. Wildfire

    Great! I LOVE THIS PLACE. I travel and we are a military family who move a lot. We've been to the locations in D.C. area, Atlanta (I think it closed since), and I forget where else. I LOVE their gluten free foods and have pics and blogs all about it!
  3. Easy Gluten-Free Snack Ideas

    Many are Naturally gluten free: chips n salsa or guacamole (I like Wholly Guacamole avail at target, etc), trail mix, craisins, gluten-free granola ( i like love brand or udi) on a PBUtter apple, popsicles caramel apple, gluten-free granola bars ( glutino), applesauce, cranberry sauce, gluten-free bread toasted w jam or p.b., jell-o, pudding (pudding is in the dairy group on the food pyramid, not sweets), meat n cheese rolled up (I like boar's head, but cheaply Buddig is gluten-free too), Glutino pretzels, Lara bars (an acquired taste), fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks (I like bunny ones), microwave s'mores (S'moreables gluten-free graham crackers avail at Target, w marshmallow n choc in microwave), udi bagel w cream cheese, tomato mozzarella salad, carrot raisin salad( both can be bought in deli section), tuna on gluten-free crackers, pickles (most vlasic r gluten-free), black olives, etc. you should look at my blog posts on this site or elsewhere. (I often listed specific meals n snacks in a list at the bottom of each post.). Go to forums, then blogs, then brendygirls blog
  4. Enter to Win a Gluten-Free Pantry Raid | NFCA http://t.co/RRtpOero

  5. So funny,out visiting my cases and there are a bunch of Jehovah's witnesses swarming the Low-income housing.They left ME aloneLuv my uniform

  6. My jail list was dwindling & I was breathing relief after giving away cases to new officers.then 3 got arrested this week+ 2 more warrants

  7. O'charleys

    Do you remember what you ordered?
  8. Thanks! Will be visiting soon for football game!
  9. The Trader Joe's over there always had this fudgy, brownie-like chocolate cookie that was wheat/gluten free. It was amazing. I don't know if they still have them. They came in a brown paper bag. You'd have to check to make sure they didn't change the ingredients. They have good baked Salt & Pepper chips there, too. As far as restaurants, In N Out burger, Melting Pot, Crabby Joe's, El Pollo Loco, and others I've blogged about when I lived in CA. The FIND ME GLUTEN FREE app has gotten much better, with many more places near your geo-location. There should be tons of searchable pizza places on regular search engines, as well as BJ's Brewery & Grille which has a gluten free fried pizookie now, I hear.
  10. Five Guys And Fries

    Thanks for sharing such a positive experience! Since moving to the Eastern part of the country, Five Guys is a new favorite for me!
  11. Pf Chang's

    The CLEVER thing about PF Chang's is that the gluten free items come on a DIFFERENT PLATE (i believe it has their logo around the edge and maybe is a different shape,too) so even YOU can tell if they brought you the right or wrong version (not 100% foolproof, but better than most)! I wish EVERY place would do this! It's a sign to all servers not to "helpfully" add an egg roll or something to the plate, too (as in other restaurants where a "helpful" server will add the "forgotten" bread stick onto my salad, for example).
  12. I blog regularly, but not on this site much anymore. I liked this site because it is mostly celiacs, so I will occasionally post here, but no pics for this site. I've been diagnosed since 2005, so here is WHAT I've been eating lately: Trader Joe's gluten free boxed mac n cheese (the ONLY one I'll eat) Gluten Freeda's gluten free ice cream sandwiches (new flavor: Cherry Cheesecake) (Whole Foods) Amy's frozen Gluten Free Burritos (I heat these on my own plate, covered in the work microwave), paired with veggies Beef Brisket- I just sear it with salt and pepper on all sides, then throw it in oven w/beef broth n veggies at 350 deg for 3 hrs. Whole Foods shrimp salads (in the buffet/deli area) with my own avocado and tortilla chips EnviroKids peanut butter krispy bars- I eat for breakfast at work, paired with fruit frozen brown rice- Dr. Oz recommended it, and I notice I DO eat it more when it takes 5 min than 45 min to cook from raw Bell & Evans gluten Free BREADED frozen chicken breasts- they re-formulated it and it's even more awesome (WhFoods) Udi's personal pizza crusts topped with my own veggies and Hormel pepperoni My favorite breads: Sally's Bakery's frozen CRAW and Against the Grain's frozen baguettes (from Whole Foods) Kinnikinnick gluten free S'moreables graham crackers for microwave s'mores or just dipped in Betty Crocker frosting Buffalo Burgers with bleu cheese dressing and Rudi or Udi gluten-free hamburger buns WHERE have I been eating? Cheeseburger in Paradise: bbq chic/bacon sandwich, fresh fried potato chips or loaded chips appetizer or steak salad Tin Lizzy's Cantina: pulled pork skillet w/Tostitos gluten-free chips they bring you in a bag 57th Fighter's Group- WWII themed restaurant in DeKalb Co. GA- steak, ceviche, potatoes, w gluten-free hazelnut nutella torte Five Guys- I bring my own bun and have them change gloves and make me a lettuce-wrapped burger and fries Egg Harbor Cafe- gluten free pancakes (not listed on gluten-free menu- you must ask!), breakfast meats, eggs, I bring my bread Turner Field-- I eat at the gluten free stand at the games PF Chang's- they expanded their menu, but I still get the sichuan beef (spicy) or fried rice with shrimp. I'd like to try the caramel mango chicken, since I love mango, but I'm afraid I won't like it, since I hated the lobster dish. Gluten Free Cutie- the 100% gluten-free bakery, the Devil Went Down to GA cupcake is to die for, also apple pie w/ gluten-free crust- yum Blue Moon Pizza- gluten free pizza DELIVERY, also inside the restaurant. Little Azio's Pizza I'm not copying the full reviews and pasting here, but you get the idea.
  13. New To Gluten Free Diet Please Help

    Many places marinate steak in SOY SAUCE. Very few soy sauces do not have gluten. You have to be very careful about marinated meats. Even raw chicken you buy in the store and lunchmeat chicken is often injected with broth. I eat steaks only at Italian places or other places that marinate only in olive oil and salt and pepper. You also have to ensure that they use clean utensils cooking your food. If they use the same tongs to flip a soy sauced steak, and then flip yours, you will get cc (cross-contamination). I've written all about this stuff since 2006 in my blogs. I even have written exactly what I tell servers.
  14. Your Home Restaurant

    I recently hosted the neighborhood ladies and served lasagna and didn't tell them it was gluten free until someone remembered I can't eat gluten and asked. For appetizers I serve chips and salsa/guacamole, oven-baked nachos, cheese and sausage, and veggies and dip. I also concur with the others on sticking with a naturally gluten free protein and a veg and a sweet potato or other gluten-free starch-type dish like a quinoa or rice dish. I have also made stuffed avocados, stuffed chicken, stuffed peppers, stuffed pork chops, etc. I always brine my poultry for company, because it makes it so juicy. Fudge, jell-o, chocolate mousse, creme brulee, custards, puddings, chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas foster, all make great naturally gluten free desserts (if you make sure you buy gluten-free ingred. and avoid cc). The ONLY bread I have or would ever serve regular people is Against the Grain gluten-free baguettes. It's amazing and my mom ate it and she hates all gluten free foods.
  15. Other hidden areas: kissing your loved one! Using the same toothpaste as gluten-eaters. Using the similar looking drinking glasses as gluten-eaters---you may accidentally drink from the wrong glass. Using your toothbrush AFTER you get glutened by accident. Touching salt and pepper shakers or other contaminated stuff at restaurants. When I am around "newbies" at my dinner group, I notice lots of us "old pros" wincing at stuff the newbies are unaware of. Some Dr. with a column in the newspaper stated it takes 3 years to get a full handle on the gluten free diet. Be patient with yourself.