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  1. We go to frozen yogurt places like Yogli Mogli (Atlanta area) and even the FRO-yo bars at Racetrack gas stations (fancy...
  2. brendygirl


    Great! I LOVE THIS PLACE. I travel and we are a military family who move a lot. We've been to the locations in D.C...
  3. brendygirl

    Easy Gluten-Free Snack Ideas

    Many are Naturally gluten free: chips n salsa or guacamole (I like Wholly Guacamole avail at target, etc), trail mix...
  4. Enter to Win a Gluten-Free Pantry Raid | NFCA http://t.co/RRtpOero

  5. So funny,out visiting my cases and there are a bunch of Jehovah's witnesses swarming the Low-income housing.They left ME aloneLuv my uniform

  6. My jail list was dwindling & I was breathing relief after giving away cases to new officers.then 3 got arrested this week+ 2 more warrants

  7. brendygirl


    Do you remember what you ordered?
  8. Thanks! Will be visiting soon for football game!
  9. The Trader Joe's over there always had this fudgy, brownie-like chocolate cookie that was wheat/gluten free. It was...
  10. brendygirl

    Five Guys And Fries

    Thanks for sharing such a positive experience! Since moving to the Eastern part of the country, Five Guys is a new favorite...
  11. brendygirl

    Pf Chang's

    The CLEVER thing about PF Chang's is that the gluten free items come on a DIFFERENT PLATE (i believe it has their logo...
  12. I blog regularly, but not on this site much anymore. I liked this site because it is mostly celiacs, so I will occasionally...
  13. brendygirl

    New To Gluten Free Diet Please Help

    Many places marinate steak in SOY SAUCE. Very few soy sauces do not have gluten. You have to be very careful about...
  14. brendygirl

    Your Home Restaurant

    I recently hosted the neighborhood ladies and served lasagna and didn't tell them it was gluten free until someone remembered...
  15. Other hidden areas: kissing your loved one! Using the same toothpaste as gluten-eaters. Using the similar looking drinking...