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  1. Great!  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  I travel and we are a military family who move a lot.  We've been to the locations in D.C. area, Atlanta (I think it closed since), and I forget where else.  I LOVE their gluten free foods and have pics and blogs all about it!

  2. Many are Naturally gluten free: chips n salsa or guacamole (I like Wholly Guacamole avail at target, etc), trail mix, craisins, gluten-free granola ( i like love brand or udi) on a PBUtter apple, popsicles caramel apple, gluten-free granola bars ( glutino), applesauce, cranberry sauce, gluten-free bread toasted w jam or p.b., jell-o, pudding (pudding is in the dairy group on the food pyramid, not sweets), meat n cheese rolled up (I like boar's head, but cheaply Buddig is gluten-free too), Glutino pretzels, Lara bars (an acquired taste), fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks (I like bunny ones), microwave s'mores (S'moreables gluten-free graham crackers avail at Target, w marshmallow n choc in microwave), udi bagel w cream cheese, tomato mozzarella salad, carrot raisin salad( both can be bought in deli section), tuna on gluten-free crackers, pickles (most vlasic r gluten-free), black olives, etc. you should look at my blog posts on this site or elsewhere. (I often listed specific meals n snacks in a list at the bottom of each post.). Go to forums, then blogs, then brendygirls blog

  3. The Trader Joe's over there always had this fudgy, brownie-like chocolate cookie that was wheat/gluten free. It was amazing. I don't know if they still have them. They came in a brown paper bag. You'd have to check to make sure they didn't change the ingredients. They have good baked Salt & Pepper chips there, too.

    As far as restaurants, In N Out burger, Melting Pot, Crabby Joe's, El Pollo Loco, and others I've blogged about when I lived in CA.

    The FIND ME GLUTEN FREE app has gotten much better, with many more places near your geo-location.

    There should be tons of searchable pizza places on regular search engines, as well as BJ's Brewery & Grille which has a gluten free fried pizookie now, I hear.

  4. The CLEVER thing about PF Chang's is that the gluten free items come on a DIFFERENT PLATE (i believe it has their logo around the edge and maybe is a different shape,too) so even YOU can tell if they brought you the right or wrong version (not 100% foolproof, but better than most)! I wish EVERY place would do this! It's a sign to all servers not to "helpfully" add an egg roll or something to the plate, too (as in other restaurants where a "helpful" server will add the "forgotten" bread stick onto my salad, for example).

  5. I recently hosted the neighborhood ladies and served lasagna and didn't tell them it was gluten free until someone remembered I can't eat gluten and asked. For appetizers I serve chips and salsa/guacamole, oven-baked nachos, cheese and sausage, and veggies and dip. I also concur with the others on sticking with a naturally gluten free protein and a veg and a sweet potato or other gluten-free starch-type dish like a quinoa or rice dish. I have also made stuffed avocados, stuffed chicken, stuffed peppers, stuffed pork chops, etc. I always brine my poultry for company, because it makes it so juicy. Fudge, jell-o, chocolate mousse, creme brulee, custards, puddings, chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas foster, all make great naturally gluten free desserts (if you make sure you buy gluten-free ingred. and avoid cc). The ONLY bread I have or would ever serve regular people is Against the Grain gluten-free baguettes. It's amazing and my mom ate it and she hates all gluten free foods.

  6. Other hidden areas: kissing your loved one! Using the same toothpaste as gluten-eaters. Using the similar looking drinking glasses as gluten-eaters---you may accidentally drink from the wrong glass. Using your toothbrush AFTER you get glutened by accident. Touching salt and pepper shakers or other contaminated stuff at restaurants.

    When I am around "newbies" at my dinner group, I notice lots of us "old pros" wincing at stuff the newbies are unaware of. Some Dr. with a column in the newspaper stated it takes 3 years to get a full handle on the gluten free diet. Be patient with yourself.

  7. Jason's Deli has a gluten-free menu and prepares food with precautions. Multiple Locations around. I've eaten there- many happy meals.

    Rosa Mexicano in Atlantic Station. Ted's Montana Grill has a gluten-free menu. Yeah! Burger has gluten-free onion rings and buns. Urban Pl8 accommodates. Metro Fresh. South City Kitchen has a gluten-free menu in Vinings/Smyrna. Fresh2Order is supposed to have a gluten-free menu. Mama Fu's gluten-free menu.

    DBA Barbecue accommodates. I get the pulled pork and bring my own bun. The sauce is gluten free, the waitress said. Worked 2x for me so far.

    The Perimeter Mall area has TONS of options: Maggiano's, California Pizza Kitchen (I don't like the gluten-free pizza, but I do like the coconut shrimp appetizer), Seasons 52 (limited gluten-free menu), Wildfire, Mimi's, Five Guys, Jason's Deli, Cheeseburger in Paradise has gluten-free buns and gluten-free menu, Carrabba's (Italian chain w/limited gluten-free menu), and Twisted Taco accommodated for me. Sage accommodates.

    Sandy Springs has The Brickery- awesome crab cakes!, Sally's Bakery is behind the Whole Foods in Sandy Springs and had baked goods for pickup. Highly recommend the C.R.A.W. bread. Sugo -awesome meatballs, and a lady at Whole Foods told me EVO has a bean burger and fries,

    and E.Andrews Pub accommodates- grouper and sweet potato fries, Fuego Mundo has weird hours but has South American cuisine that will accommodate.

    Nava in Buckhead, Buckhead Pizza Company. Mello Mushroom has gluten-free pizza but I got very sick there. Fogo de Chao- Brazilian.

  8. I've had exceptionally wonderful gluten free dining at P.F. Chang's for years, all over the U.S., from Hawaii to Florida, Louisiana to D.C. since 2005!

    What makes me feel so at ease is that they bring it on a special plate, signifying to the staff that it is gluten-free. From what I recall the plate is round with writiing around the edge of it. I am highly sensitive to the slightest cc and have never been sick from their food.

    In fact, I've had so much luck there, that I recommend to other restaurants (especially after one manager ran to my table and grabbed my spaghetti away before I could eat it) that they use a visibly different plate to draw attention to specially prepared, non-allergen meals.

  9. I found the Against the Grain baguettes in a huge Whole Foods in Pittburgh. My Whole Foods (Arlington, VA) does NOT have them. :( However, it's a smaller store, and I know there's a bigger one out a ways from Arlington which I plan to call. I'm also going to talk to the manager of my store and see if he can order them.

    Ha! I just clicked on the Against the Grain link above and discovered that my Whole Foods does carry Against the Grain. Supposedly. They lie. :lol: I'll be speaking to that manager! :P

    I get the AGAINST the Grain at Wegman's in Dale City in Virginia. We live in Old Town Alexandria, but my bf works in Quantico, so I make him take a detour on a regular basis.

    • Apple slices with Skippy Natural Peanut Butter and Udi Cranberry Granola
    • Udi bagel with Strawberry Philly Cream Cheese and sliced strawberries on top
    • Almond Snickers
    • Demet's Turtles (caramel with nuts and chocolate) or other gluten free kind
    • caramel apple with nuts, snickers, or Butterfinger on it
    • Dairy QUEEN BLIZZARD Butterfinger or banana split
    • Wendy's Chocolate Frosty
    • 7-Eleven or Burger King Frozen COKE
    • Oven-baked nachos with beans, sour cream, the works!
    • Against the Grain or Whole Foods Bakery Baguettes with butter

  10. Try to remember-it's the rainy days that help us appreciate the sunny ones. Maybe reading gluten free blogs could help validate your feelings and give you eating ideas. Sometimes, your mind will jump to plenty of excuses of why you can't or why the ideas are ridiculous, but try to focus on the "can" and the "I'll try" attitude.

    Yes, I had a hard time eating the gluten free baked goods and stuff with the flour blends and guar gum (which is a natural laxative!) and xantham gum and all that stuff. Celiacs often suffer from lactose intolerance for a variety of reasons, so maybe avoid dairy at first?

    Some quick food ideas that come to mind-that have pure ingredients with minimal processing, or have always been gluten free without substituted ingredients:

    Smoothies (I even eat Jamba Juice) If you don't want dairy, use a gluten-free soymilk or rice milk or almond milk

    apple with peanut butter and Udi granola


    Craisins, make your own gluten-free trail mix

    potato chips or tortilla chips (just corn, oil, salt-even baked ones)-make nachos with soy cheese or just salsa

    soup-some Progresso soups are labeled gluten free and they just have vegetables and gluten free broth

    eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, omelettes

    tuna, tuna salad

    jell-o, M&Ms (lots of flavors)

    cereal- Rice Chex, gluten free health cereals- I like Nature Valley Corn Flakes gluten free...alone or with milk substitutes above

    quinoa- it's a seed, so it shouldn't be that hard on you, especially if you tolerate rice- I cook in Swanson Chic Broth and add peas

    brown rice pasta- the ones I use only have brown rice and water as ingredients, so if you can eat rice...

    Try a variety of fruit- blackberries, kiwi, starfruit, pineapple, guava, mango, etc. Put on skewers like a fruit kabob

    Corn tortillas- buy the fresh kind with just corn masa flour and water and salt- top with black beans, soy cheese, salsa, etc.

    Hummus, salsa, pico de gallo, and other gluten free toppings

    There's also a list online called 50 gluten-free Things You Can Eat Right Now

    This has been described as the toughest diet there is, and I've read it takes 3 years to get a good handle on it, so be patient with yourself. It's a journey. You will buy expensive things that you end up throwing away, spend lots of time making things and shopping for things that you won't like. Lots of gluten free stuff doesn't have preservatives, so it goes bad quickly, too. You may even "poison" yourself unwittingly. It's a long road, so educate yourself and be patient.

    SPOIL YOURSELF in ways that you can. Buy fancy bath stuff, go to the cooking store and buy a garnishing tool set (mine was $7) to make the foods you can eat (like fruit) look special and appetizing, buy yourself some flowers, start an herb garden to use on your salads, buy new dishes, toaster, utensils, so you know it's "safe". Call yourself and your diet "special" and others "regular" (not normal) or mundane or plain or run-of-the-mill or white bread. Change your language and change your thinking. Attend a support group (ask at your doctor or search online or on this site). I learned so much going to a cdf celiac convention and found so many products and resources. Do a celiac 5k or run and raise money and awareness for your new cause! Be glad you don't need shots or medicines or dialysis, just a diet! Dump your shampoo with hydrolized wheat protein and questionable makeup and buy new, gluten free ones! Express your feelings, coin fun terms for your new circumstances (my friends call me silly-as$, a play on the word celiac), write a poem or journal about it. And on and on!

    Best wishes to you on your path...

  11. I live right down the street from FIVE GUYS and I bring MY OWN BUN. I thaw and microwave a Kinnickinnick bun and bring it and put my burger on it myself inside the restaurant. I have also brought Udi bread to eat as a bun, since I usually have some thawed and ready. I now have a place to buy SCHAR chibatta buns and I'll use those now. I LOVE SCHAR BUNS!

    I bring my bread to LOTS of restaurants.

    The funny thing is, the servers almost ALWAYS see the bun when I'm eating and say something like "Oh, no! You can't eat that!" or "I told them not to bring a bun, let me get you another ...." And I just say, I brought my own "special" bun, but thanks for paying attention!

    I also enjoy using the term special, instead of high maintenance when I order. I say that my co-eaters are "regular" (in lieu of "normal"), but I am SPECIAL.


  12. Hi,

    Sounds like a fun festival. It's too bad food has such a social impact on our lives! That's what really makes gluten free life a challenge!

    I usually get a taffy apple, corn on the cob, or cotton candy at festivals.

    When I travel, I bring:

    • gluten-free Granola Bars
    • Chips
    • Instant Grits
    • Lara Bars
    • Fruit
    • Peanut BUtter (small packets at health food stores)
    • gluten-free Pretzels
    • Candy
    • Pudding packs
    • gluten-free crackers

    I've also been able to eat grilled meat at festivals (after asking whether it's been marinated and looking at how they handle and prepare it), steamed lobster, and snow cones, ice cream, etc. -depending on what is offered. U may be able to take some gluten-free bread or sandwiches for the first couple days.

    Good luck!