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  1. [quote name='Mosaics' date='May 23 2006, 04:26 PM'] Welcome to our gluten free world! Two things... You don't have to give up bread completely. Chebe Bread is very good and versatile. I use it for sandwiches, pizza pockets, dinner rolls, hotdog buns, etc. [url="http://www...
  2. Since I write this from work, sometimes life gets in the way. And I was very busy yesterday. Yesterday, I felt even better - just more positive. Whether it is a psychosomatic thing, or not, I FEEL better, and it's only day two (three if you count today). My attitude at work is better, I am...
  3. I thought perhaps I would create a blog that goes from Day one of wheat free to infinity. So let me clear up a few things from the outset about the condition I'm in: I have started the wheat-free on May 22, 2006. This will be my first day of wheat-free living, all day. I am not diagnosed a...