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  1. BTW, Before I was diagnosed with celiac, a few food changes occurred. First, I have always been lactose intolerant, second I became violently ill after eating shell fish ( I use to eat without any issues) . I noticed sores in my mouth that were so painful, I was sent to an oral surgeon. He diagnosed...
  2. Hi Cyclinglady, i honestly think the best way to diagnose celiac is an endoscopy. It seems to be the gold standard. I went strictly gluten free after my diagnosis. I feel so much better! Please give it a try, 100%. Most restaurants can accommodate celiacs. You might miss some foods...
  3. NNowak, thank you for your kind and timely responses. I am seeing a hematologist, liver doctor and internist. I also am having to go a oncologist/gynecologist for a hysterectomy. Ugh! Sucks to get old! 🤣
  4. The gene mutation I have is H63D as well. I’m just so tired of being tired! Did the bloodletting help your sister have more energy?
  5. Hi NNowak, thank you for your quick response. My ferritin levels are 204 and my saturation is at 92. Normal iron levels are below 139 saturation is less than 55. These tests were done right before I had another endoscopy . It did not show inflammation in the stomach. ive never been a heavy...
  6. I was diagnosed with liver failure and told I needed a liver transplant. I had ascites drained (5litres) and went on a strict gluten free diet. I was diagnosed one day after ascites was drained, With celiac. This all took place while I was living in the UK. We left after 2 years due to my husbands...