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  1. Slavencia


    I ate a chicken bowl at Qdoba yesterday because of all the reports of food illnesses as Chipotle very recently and in...
  2. Slavencia

    Are Celiac Support Group Numbers Dwindling?

    Wow what a story! I really appreciate you posting this as it's really, though unfortunate, nice to hear that others went...
  3. Interesting. So my doctor did only these tests: 1.Outpatient ENDOMYSIAL AB ...
  4. Yum! this sounds and looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Slavencia

    Gluten-Free Vegan Crunchy Rice Cake Snack Recipe (Corn and Nut Free)

    hmmmm...interesting. thanks for sharing. I have never had nutritional yeast before.
  6. Slavencia

    Taco Bell New gluten-free Item

    i eat the taco bell catina bowls all the time with none of my normal, (or any other) noticeable gluten symptoms in missouri...
  7. I found this website explaining how to get diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance. The above title is the title...
  8. Thanks for the response. I really don't understand my diagnosis completely and feel that it may be incomplete without...
  9. I see this is a really old post but we just got a Taco John's in my town. i recently got dianosed as gluten sensitive...