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  1. I had an issue with a swollen gland (groin) and started taking unflavored gelatin - I just drink it in a cup of hot green tea with honey and lemon.  It gave me energy and the gland issue went away.  Last Sunday I ate some steamed crabs(no beer) and when I got home had an immediate back ache then the normal achy stuff and then the gland again.  have been doing Epsom baths to remove the toxins and have a massage scheduled next week-she does an easy immune system massage that helps a lot. 


    We are whole and healthy.

    Blessings  Lee

  2. Adalaide,

    I can just see you over in that corner with the "cupcake"!!  Thanks for sharing.  You make a terrific reporter!!  Makes me want to go to one of these.  Linda Lee

    After I was diagnosed I considered what I went through for a while to be coping. At this point, I think I can say that day to day I simply live with celiac. Today though was all about therapy. Eight hours of gluten free therapy.


    Anyone who knows me knows I was going to the Gluten Free Expo today because I haven't been able to shut up about it. It is the largest gluten free expo in the country, and I count myself very lucky that I don't have to travel to go. (Unless you count driving for 30 minutes mostly on the freeway traveling, and I don't.) There was something like 150 vendors there, the place was massive. Since they were doing a $1000 cash prize to one of the first 1000 people in the door, I got an early start and got there an hour before they opened the doors. I stood around in line, alone and bored mostly, and hungry. (Never eat before a food expo.)


    Finally they let us in at 9. Instead of a pancake breakfast they had a change of plans and were doing a cereal breakfast. I was disappointed but decided that since it wasn't a hot breakfast I wouldn't spoil my day with pointless food I probably have at home in my pantry. I headed straight to an end aisle and started working my way up one side, down another. I did break some of my rules today, like screw my low histamine thing. I knew I'd be in unimaginable pain before the end of a long day no matter what I did so meh... So I had things like a banana popsicle for breakfast. And an entire small plate of cookie, brownie and cupcake samples from my favorite bakery. Which is when I noticed that they were actually selling red velvet cupcakes. Stop. The. Train. By 9:40 I was in a quiet corner in a chair enjoying a cupcake. It was heaven. :wub:


    All day at the two separate stages there were various speakers and prize giveaways. I wanted to hear some of the speakers and hit all the prize giveaways so I had to take frequent breaks from my sampling. Which is good because by 10 I was sick from eating too much. :ph34r: It wasn't until a bit past 2 that I had been able to get up and down every aisle, sample everything I wanted to and see every vendor I wanted to.


    I ate every imaginable sweet. Crackers and chips and meats and sauces quesadillas and grilled cheese and breads and cheeses and drinks... I can't even remember half of the things I found. At the concession stand they had Redbridge on tap. I didn't have any, but it was cool that they had it. :D I think one of the ones I was most excited about honestly was the Pillsbury cookie, I just wanted to know what it tasted like. (At $5 a tub it's more likely it'll snow in hell than someone will catch me buying it.) It's good.


    Finally around 3:30 I scored an entire reusable shopping bag stuffed with food. I kept sticking around because they were giving away two grand prizes at 4:30, which I didn't manage to win. I still had a blast. They had a nutritionist with a really impressive degree (I can't remember the details but I remember being impressed at the time) who did a Q & A with the audience. Drs who did talks. For some reason the Fit2Fat2Fit guy... I didn't go listen to him because I still can't figure out what getting fat on purpose to understand fat people has to do with celiac. *shrug*


    At the end of the day my favorite bakery was selling everything they had left for $1. I scored a bunch of cookies and cinnamon rolls. (They were out of cupcakes and I almost cried.) I was so burdened with stuff I was lucky I could walk at all. I am exhausted. I am in unimaginable pain. I still look as fantabulous as I did when I left the house this morning. And I would do it all again because tired and in pain it was a day like I never knew I could have.


    If it weren't for a few extra intolerances that affect my vision and therefore my ability to drive home I could have eaten everything there with wild abandon without ever looking at a label. I got to talk to people who understand. I got to try so many new things, some awesome, some not so much. I can't say enough how much I think people should seek out similar events in their areas, even if it means a bit of traveling and go to them. It is enlightening and empowering in a way that is difficult to put into words.

  3. To be honest I didn't really know what shades to pick up. I just sort of went off my skin tone (I have very light skin with pink undertones). Skin with pink undertones tend to do better with lip colors that are also pink or reds that are blue based NOT orange. I use Red!, Rebel, New York, Beach Peach and Petal Pusher lipsticks and I have the Metropolis lipgloss. The wonderful thing about Red Apple Lipstick's lipsticks are you can apply sheer coats or layer it on for a more bold look.

    I use Red Apple also.  I love the red-sometimes I use it over gloss or mix with some of their lighter ones. 

  4. Hi Georgie,

    I am so glad you are doing well and I do agree with the dr. that gluten does damage the heart. I received something this week that I have tried to copy to you all--( could not figure out the wayy to do it) --basically the article was saying that the Roman soldiers punished their soldiers by depriving them of wheat. It stated how the wheat is so addictive that it causes withdrawals similar to herion and cocaine withdrawal.

    The SCD'ers will agree about the sugar. I ate an overload of Sugar at Christmas and was quite under the weather with gluten like symptoms- I'm sure it put my resistance down.

    Mamaw, I am getting back and looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to! Hope you are well!

  5. The best luck I've had with information on non-celiac gluten sensitivity is to go to pubmed.gov and actually read the abstracts and then journal articles for myself. In December 2012 there were several great articles published in this area. I can send you references if you'd like.

    Thanks, I would like to read those.

    So far I have enjoyed the book. He has a good sense of humor and the info is in line with my thoughts on wheat. I know when I eat it my stomach bloats. My sister in law is on the diet and she has lost weight. Another friend lost weight and has held her weight and it takes away her arthritis. A girl at church also has been on the diet for a while and she also said he stomach vanished and she is sticking with it.

    My little "celiac" group will be discussing it next week at the meeting.

    With heart disease one of the diseases caused by gluten, I wanted to buy it as he is a cardiologist.

  6. Fantastic idea. The vegs and chicken can stay fresh enough for a few days like that?? Impressive.

    It stays fresh, I tell them just to keep it on warm overnight. They tell me everyone in the hospital comes by because it smells so good.

    I have all size crockpots. If you are staying several days, I recommend that you take the large one. I usually carry it and supplies into the hospital in a box and leave the box there for them to carry it home and then I pick it up.

    The broth is delicious. It is the basic SCD chicken soup recipe. whole chicken, onions, carrots, celery and parsley and filtered water.

  7. I take a crockpot, cup, spoon and ladle to the hospital for friends with homemade chicken soup. The first few days they can eat the broth and afterwards the chicken. Vegetables can be added when solid food can be eaten. The crockpot can stay plugged in -it's in the room so they can have a cup whenever they want. It is much healthier for them than microwaving, also.

    Whatever you have prepared at home can be used at the crockpot later.

    Hope that helps!

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