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  1. I am having trouble finding meats to take hiking. I am looking for canned chicken or beef that is plain (just the meat and salt, maybe), or dehydrated chicken or beef that is plain. I have spent quite a lot of time on the internet looking, and haven't found much of anything yet (except 10 pounds of freeze-dried chicken/beef which is a bit much!). Any ideas out there?

    S Hamilton

  2. Is there some controversy about whether or not grain alcohol (from a "gluten" grain) has gluten in it? Soy Delicious told me there Soy Icecream is gluten-free (they clean the machine well, so they feel there is a low chance of cross contamination..), but they do use flavorings with grain alcohol. They seemed to think it is not proven there is gluten in the alcohol. My daughter is still reacting to something, so we are going to eliminate the soy icecream (she will be sad!), but I was just wondering. Also, is there any non-dairy, non-gluten icecream that is "safe"?

  3. My older daughter has recently been diagnosed as a celiac (her symptoms were loose stools and small stature). We have eliminated all major sources of gluten as well as many minor sources, but my husband is having a hard time being convinced that we need to eliminate every little bit of gluten. For example, we have left over rice cereal from Arrowhead mills that is possibly cross-contaminated, and he is concerned about not using it up first before using the grinder we bought to . He couldn't believe that we needed to get special Vanilla. My daughter is 4 and 1/2, so it is difficult for her to communicate her feelings about what she eats. She does complain about stomach aches still (almost more since we have gone on the diet!), and her stool is still a bit loose, but she has also been diagnosed with a casein allergy and we have not eliminated all cheese yet yet (we are getting there..). I guess what I am looking for is information about the sensitivity of celiacs, and if they are all sensitive to every molocule of gluten or not. Information that I can share with my husband so we can be better informed.

    By the way, my younger daughter has not been tested, but she had horrible rashes and diarhea for so long while she was brestfeeding exclusively, so we finally figured out what I neded to eat, and she appears to be a celiac as well. This has, of course, led me to the conclusion that I am probably one too, and that might explain the red cheeks i have had for the last twenty years.

    Any help would be appreciated!