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  1. How did you overcome encopresis? Do you remember soiling? Was it concious or an uncontroled situation? I often wonder if my son does it because he doesn't care, is too busy or truely can't control it! I notice with my 2 yr old daughter that her constipation clears up on gluten-free. My son age ...
  2. thanks for the input, my son does drink dairy, have tried no dairy before but not combined with gluten free... always a new twist! thanks again, Nan
  3. My son has encopresis. He started out with the clay colored stools and then with a cycle of constipation for about 4 days followed by a large bm followed by a couple of days of diahrea. Up to a couple of times daily he soils his underwear. We have battled with this for a long time - he is now ...