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  1. had to get blood in his life. My hope from r experience is that u dont listen 2 ppl online, again thy get ther info from the same drs we did,or JUST THER OPINION bt that u tak ur son 2 Immunologist who can giv u the corect info,levels of Iga, and diagnosis. rembr all drs test diff 4 diff desises. hope this helps. sucks u can only write so much in 1mail. dnt no how 2 email u priv in 1 mail. sry.

  2. mail#4 let me giv u exmpl in my fam. my nephew hd sm problms.(stomach)went 2 doc.they found low iga (way they test) lukin 4 celiac desise.He had Low Iga levls, said oh is not celiac bt nt cncrnd with low Iga. dont worry its nthing.my mom insistd for specialist.went to Immunoligst, nephew had levels of "7". has 2 wear medical allert braclet,ALL blood has to B washed. they wud hav kild hi...

  3. my sistr is a level 7, any blood she gets has 2B washed clean of all Iga and packd with red blood cells B4 recving. also wen iga is low u need 2B tested for all autoimmunes.igg,ige,igm ect..not tryin 2 scare u but ur sons levels are really low.u shud hav ben immed. ref 2 imunoligst. they specialize in rare an blood disorders, autoimmune.all doctrs try 2 comfort us an say oh its celiac or smthing.

  4. all say thy hav the corect info an made us feel comfortable. but wen we finally found Immunologist said most all dr.s "no of" Iga an giv info that is nt corect. Its lik going 2 a brain surgeon 2hav a baby.lol. wen u hav vry low Iga, if u evr needed blood, 2things cud hapn.U cud get the blood an B fine or u cud die within hrs. B/c ur introducing levls of iga in2 ur blood systm u dont hav.

  5. K..my name is wendy. i was concernd about ur sons Iga level.several ppl in my fam. have vry low Iga. which is vry rare 2 hav mor than one in fam. wen low Iga is found all immediate fam shud b tested.. A "7" means "ZERO", iga non existant. U HAV TO B SEEN ONLY BY an "IMMUNOLOGIST". NO OTHR DR. we hav seen pediatricians, dr.s who specialize in celiac, allergist, mny othr d...

  6. im gonna test this and see if this email goes thru. tried to email u b4 and wouldnt let me...lets see..i have something really extreamly impt to comment bout yr post of ur sons extremely low Iga...

  7. Hi! I have not ever heard anything about making age adjustments. In fact I was just at my son's pediatrician discussing this very issue today. My son's total IGA is 34 (quite low) with normal starting at like 81. We had a long conversation about what it means to be IGA deficient and how that number...