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  1. thank you for your comments.  I am easing into the GAPS diet, which i believe is similar to Fasiano.  I had both frozen vegetables and poultry seasoning yesterday (I simply forgot about the previous reaction) and I had no reaction. So I am even more puzzled. I do believe I should avoid seasonings and only use single spices, but I am still unsure about the frozen veggies.

  2. Hi again!

    It seems I am having a flare-up tonight after a supper of baked chicken, frozen Kale, Fresh red peppers and frozen mixed vegetables.  I have two suspicions and one maybe-

    1.is something added to frozen vegetables?

    2. the "Poultry" seasoning on the chicken.

    3.I put coconut oil on my arms and one leg to ease the itching tonight for the first time. it seemed to help.  The itching is now including my back and shoulders which I did not touch with the oil.

    thanks for any comments, as I sit here unable to sleep because the itching is terrible!


  3. I am very new here and have only dipped into these photos. Thank you very much to every one who has posted!

    However, I have not seen any photos of much scratched sores.  Mine started like many of the pictures here - a combination of red dots and/or clear bumps.  But I scratch and scratch and SCRATCH!  So that I have large raised scabs that refuse to heal and continue itching. Sometimes I deliberately  scratch around a scab so as not to irritate it and even then, with the skin unbroken and not bleeding, the "scab" seems to get bigger to include the area I scratched.

    Have any of you experienced that?



    a scratcher


  4. my diagnosis has not yet been confirmed and I am brand new to this board.  But I have been wheat intolerant for over 15 years and the DH makes the most sense for my current condition. 


    I have found a 30 minute soak in Epsom salts and baking soda followed by a cool shower helps tremendously.  Also helpful is clothing that clings a bit - leggings and long sleeved thumbshirts ease the itching.  Loose clothing tends to irritate and cause itching.  We are in the middle of a heat wave here in Canada and the long black clothes seem a bit odd, but they do help. 

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