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  1. I ALWAYS get the flu shot. The last time I didn't was the year that I started with what I think was the flu and then went into my full-blown untreated celiac reaction, which landed me in the hospital for 11 days and out of work for 10 weeks. IOW, I think the flu was what triggered my bad breakdown, although I know I had celiac disease symptoms before that. Anyway, that was the only time in the past 26 years I didn't have one and the only time in 26 years I've had the flu.


  2. The cheese is gluten-free. And I'll join the chorus of people who buy Kraft. They were one of the first companies to say they would list all gluten and all you need do is read the ingredients. The reality is that very. very few companies have nay sort of ironclad guarantee about gluten. It's just not possible unless you control the whole chain for every single ingredient you use.


  3. 11 years. To me, the hardest part was that wheat didn't have to be listed until 2006, and very few companies listed ingredients online or had gluten-free lists online, so I spent much more time calling companies about ingredients. Virtually no restaurants where I live had heard of being gluten free. None of my friends knew what the heck I was talking about. I educated a lot of people.

    Not only were there many fewer specialty items, but most didn't taste as good and "regular" grocery stores here carried almost none of them (I think Kroger had pasta), so you spent time trying to find natural foods stores or you HAD to order online.


  4. The taco shell contains oat fiber, which most likely comes from contaminated sources.


    Ground Corn treated with Lime, Water, Vegetable Oil (Contains One Or More Of The Following: Soybean Oil, Corn Oil) With TBHQ And Citric Acid Added As Preservative, Oat Fiber. Corn, Vegetable Oil (May Contain One Or All Of The Following: Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Or Cottonseed Oil), Oat Fiber, TBHQ (Used As A Preservative). *Will Contain One Of The Ingredient Statements Above, Depending Upon Regional Suppliers

    The tostada shell does not:


    Ground Corn Treated With Lime, Water, Vegetable Oil (May Contain One Of The Following: Soybean Oil, Corn Oil), With TBHQ and Citric Acid Added As A Preservative.

    Corn, Vegetable Oil (May Contain One Of The Following: Soybean, Corn, Or Cottonseed Oil), TBHQ (Used As A Preservative).



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