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  1. "I wonder if it's Italian thing..."

    Except that Italy is one of the most celiac conscious places in the world because they have one of the highest rates of celiac. I think it's in Italy that ALL children get tested for celiac.

    Annie, it might take your husband seeing you get really sick from crumbs to bring him around. It shouldn't take that but it might. My main advantage was that my whole family saw how ill I was and how long I spent in the hospital and off work, and then they saw it all go away simply because I quit gluten, so they never questioned the damage it can do to me.


  2. Umm, Takala, Dr. Fasano, who is quoted as saying this study confirms what we already knew, is most definitely NOT waging a "National War on Perception of Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Prevalence Season." He's one of the guys who was most active in bringing awareness of celiac to the public. I just don't see any war going on here.


  3. Look again. I know a franchise owner.

    Look again, Ron. I was only going by info from the Chipotle website:

    "Chipotle does not franchise."


    I did hear rumor that Chipotle might have franchised a very few restaurants early on, but it hasn't done so for years now.

    They do, however, have Chipotle employees who oversee their restaurants.


  4. Xanax is listed at glutenfreedrugs.com as gluten-free in all forms but an't say about the generic. And here are the gluten-free ones listed for the generic -- Alprazolam (Geneva, Greenstone, Mylan, Novapharm, Sandoz) Alprazolam XR (Geneva, Greenstone, Mylan, Novapharm, Sandoz). Of course formulations can change, but the VAST majority of medications are gluten-free. It's really quite rare to find a prescription med that isn't.

    If you're taking the generic, the only way to know for certain is to find out who makes it and call them. Even then you might get the CYA routine.


  5. I gained a pile of weight after going gluten-free because suddenly I started absorbing everything I had never absorbed before yet I was still eating like I had eaten for 46 years. This is not unusual at all, particularly if you're eating those high-calorie wheat substitutes. My total cholesterol also went from an unusually low 120 to about 200 (although it is back down to 160).


  6. Oh. Dear. God.

    Not just the headline, the whole article.

    Reading that is enough to make me want to tear my hair out.

    It's National War on Perception of Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Prevalence Season. What next, our own drinking fountains ?

    Are you kidding? I see no problem at all with this article. No different than noting that sickle cell anemia is found primarily in blacks.


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