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  1. If they say contain wheat, they contain wheat. Don't eat. May contain wheat is probably a warning that they make items that contain wheat and there's some possibility of contamination. You'd have to check with them about their procedures. I looked at a couple of their mixes online, and while it warns it's manufactured in a facility that has wheat, it's something that I'd probably use. It's a personal thing.


  2. As already mentioned, the key is to find products that are just gluten-free anyway and stay away from expensive stuff. Toothpaste is pretty much universally gluten-free (MAYBE one type of Sensodyne isn't). Hand soaps generally are not a problem and you can certainly find a regular one that works.

    However, if your family insists on having bread or pasta, it will get pricy, even if you make your own bread. Not sure how much the non-celiac people will appreciate the bread, either.


  3. "It contains Modified Food Starch which is a an ingredient that may contain gluten and the according to the FDA rules a company does not have to list that a gluten containing grain is included in modified food starch. The rule is: If it contains modified food starch and it is not tested and labeled gluten free it is assumed it contains gluten."

    This is just completely wrong.


  4. Takal, I guess I've gotten pretty cynical about Congress. There's been a bi-partisan bill out there for more than a year now that both sides agree will help keep cancer medicines for kids in better supply and therefor possibly save lives, and yet they can't get it passed. The Republican House speaker blames the president (which is total BS) and the Democrat Senate majority leader says that's the way the Senate works. What crap. I sent in my letter, though.


  5. I will remain hopeful for this bill but the odds in favor are minuscule in large part because it was introduced by Democrats, which means most Republicans automatically oppose it no matter what it is. Often goes the other way, as well, but in this case the Rpubs can just outright kill it. And that is almost certainly what will happen.


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