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  1. Ah thats a shame i live in Australia and my local "health food Shop" sells 500g bags of hemp protein certified gluten free for around $9 Aus. But i can have Whey so i get Gluten Free Whey. Its so annoying when things go main stream and then suddenly money because more important that peoples...
  2. Hemp Protein is great as it has all of the essential Amino Acid's needed by the body for recovery, also its natural and doesnt taste half bad.
  3. Being a Personal Trainer prior to being diagnosed it made no difference to how i train only the way i eat (obviously) i tell my clients that ask what to eat that i have to stick to a gluten free diet for medical reasons but offer them advise for a healthy lifestyle. Depending on what you want...
  4. Being a former personal trainer to build muscle without losing weight you need to eat in a calorie surplus or close to your true TDEE Calories while lifting weights on a good routine with making progressive heavier lifts every time your in the gym. Being Celiac doesn't really affect much...
  5. i found Peppermint Tea and heatpack works for me my usually last 1-2 days its horrible that feeling of it coming and trying to remember what i ate to cause it.
  6. I have been dealing with night sweats for about a year now, was diagnosed 2 months ago and run Gluten Free and they have completely stopped! unless i eat gluten which has happened as im still new but i suffer worse than sweats if i do. I was horrible like i just got out of the shower... But...
  7. I have been recently diagnosed to well 2 months ago, and my Specialist told me my Villi may never heal 100% or it may heal within 1 year or 5 years. Everyone is different. but from someone who has recently had to adopt a gluten free diet get used to it and get creative with your food, its the only...