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  1. Jennifer Jimenez

    Glutened blood in stools

    Has that happened to you after eating gluten?
  2. I ate gluten by accident two days in a row spent the night at my friends had terrible abdominal pain and now I’ve had bloody stools with black specs for 3 days should I be worried?
  3. Jennifer Jimenez

    I’m sick of this!!

    I do live in Texas!
  4. Jennifer Jimenez

    I’m sick of this!!

    THEY THINK ITS ALL IN MY HEAD! They’re even thinking of putting me in a mental home, they call me a hypochondriac! Well tommorow I’m going off to buy plastic plates, spoons, knives, forks. I’m also getting a pan and a pot and a cutting board...
  5. I’m 18 years old still living with my parents, I got tested for celiacs so I’ve had to cut down dairy, sugar, eggs and grains. I was improving all over again and then all of a sudden bam I get a reaction of I don’t know what! I’m sick of...
  6. Jennifer Jimenez

    Undigested foods?

    They checked my gallbladder through ultrasound
  7. I’m getting worried because my stools are yellowish and oily. I’ve gotten an abdominal ultrasound and checked my pancreas and liver levels and everything came out normal. I’ve been gluten free for two weeks, and I’ve gotten glutened twice. ...
  8. Jennifer Jimenez

    Foods to eat

  9. So, I’ve been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and now with celiacs. I’ve switched to a gluten free diet but I’m still having undigested food sometimes my food is more digested than other times. I realized that it gets worse if I eat m...