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  1. Posterboy! i did the baking soda test and didn’t burp until minute 17! So I got the Betaine HCL and it is like a miracle. I have suffered severe acid reflux for years and the betaine completely eliminated it. I still cannot believe how much better I am. I am still very bloated but I am hoping over time it will improve as well. Day 5 with no acid reflux thanks to you.
  2. Posterboy, uh, WOW! Thank you SO much! I will absolutely read all the links and do the baking soda test. I am floored by all the info you provided. WOW!!! I have been wondering about low acid. I have unbelievable acid reflux, even after having surgery to correct it. I’ve heard it isn’t necessarily because of too much acid, but could possibly be because of too little. I had no idea I could test for that at home. Thank you again for all the help, I really appreciate it.
  3. Yep, licorice. Green apple I used to love. After 10 mos gluten free one bite made me so ill I couldn’t believe it. It was so bad that I will never touch gluten again. But if it hadn’t happened the word “celiac” would never have come into my doctors consciousness.
  4. Ok, I’ll try a probiotic. I already avoid dairy and soy. Hopefully it will help. Thanks!
  5. Are any of you really bloated despite being gluten free? My abdomen is very hard/distended. After a year of no gluten, my other celiac symptoms have greatly improved but this hasn’t improved at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Wow. Thank you for sharing sharing your story. So how sad is it that my initial instinct was to congratulate you on your diagnosis! Of course they wanted to give you antidepressants. Honestly I think doctors think if they give us happy pills, we’ll just go away. I hate that you’ve suffered so long with this, but I really am thrilled you know definitively what’s wrong and what to do about it. Good for you for being so vocal. Honestly I wish I had understood how important it was to be tested while eating gluten. I would have insisted on it, instead of letting the doctor insult me and treat me like a fat, crazy, hypochondriac.
  7. Wow, I hate that your doctor treated so badly. Here’s hoping you’re right about karma. I feel like many doctors have a god complex. Its like they thought I was stupid and due to my lack of a medical degree, couldn’t possibly know that something was actually wrong with my body. I am just so tired of being patronized. We shouldn’t dread going to the doctors who took an oath to help us. Will do, thanks for the info. ?
  8. Yeah, dairy is definitely not my friend. I seem to be able of handle a little mozzarella cheese, but milk, ice cream etc. are no go.
  9. SO basically i need to go low carb to get rid of this bloat and terrible gas. That makes sense. Even though my other symptoms are so much better with no gluten, the bloat/gas hasn’t really improved at all. Thanks for the info. I hadn’t thought bacteria was the problem.
  10. Interesting you say that. I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis several years ago before and GI symptoms cropped up. Later severe acid reflux caused me to have major surgery to control it. Now I am wondering if it’s been celiac all along. I’ll try the tea and pepto. My bloating is so severe and seems to only subside a little being gluten-free. Thanks so much for the help.
  11. Thank you SO much! If you ship any of your baked goods as far as Granbury, please let me know. Good luck with getting into the food truck business. We need you!
  12. tessa25, Ennis_TX. Thank you for replying. I will absolutely look into the Nima. I had no idea anything like that existed. Any help, lists, links, you care to share I would greatly appreciate. I try to be vigilant about gluten but I obviously screwed up today. I feel terrible. You’re right Tessa25, I will never put myself through this just for tests. So not worth it. Ennis_TX, i’m Also in N Texas, so if you have any suggestions for restaurants, I’d appreciate it.
  13. I apologize in advance for the long post. I am extremely frustrated with my doctors. A year ago, I saw 3 different doctors for extreme bloat, yellow diarrhea, stomach and back pain. (Also had migraines, chronic fatigue, red splotchy face and brain fog, but didn’t connect them). I told all 3 doctors that I had celiac in my immediate family. Did ANY of them take blood? NO! Of course not. They all said “stop eating gluten, you probably have a sensitivity “. Me, not knowing you have to be eating gluten to be tested dutifully did so. One a-hole doctor, looking at my extremely bloated stomach said “you’re fat and you carry your weight like a man, just lose weight”. Lots of tears after that appointment! (I was also subjected to thousands of dollars of needless tests for gallbladder etc. but no blood work). Almost a year later, I had one bite of licorice before I realized the first ingredient was wheat. I thought, “I just have a sensitivity, it probably won’t affect me much “. WRONG, I blew up like a balloon, had back and stomach pain and the lovely yellow diarrhea came back. My intestines felt like they were on fire. So I go back to the original doctor and tell him about this reaction. He says “oh, you definitely have celiac disease”. WHAT?!? “Let’s run an antibody test” he says. I tell him I haven’t had a molecule of gluten for a year except for that one bite and have recently learned the test will be negative if I’m not actively eating gluten. I have crappy insurance and I have to pay for the blood work out of pocket, so what’s the point? He says “you might have antibodies, so we’re gonna go ahead and run it”. WTF! You didn’t think to run the test a year ago when I was so bloated you were flicking my stomach like a watermelon saying “something is very wrong” so I could have an accurate diagnosis? So the doctor says I have it, but I know the test will be negative. So when people ask me if I have celiac I feel like a liar no matter what I say. Not to mention all the money wasted. I am so frustrated I could cry. And to add insult to injury, I took my husband out to eat today for his birthday and despite my best efforts got glutened. *sigh*.