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  1. I contacted Chipotle after I saw the post about the upcoming new dessert. This is Chipotle's reply: Susan, Thanks for reaching out to us about this very important issue. We are very, very aware of the gluten issue and what is happening right now is a test in one restaurant in which the wheat tortilla chips are being cooked in a fryer outside of the restaurant, specifically to minimize the impact of cross-contamination. We recognize that, while we are not a "gluten free" establishment (our tortillas have wheat in them), we have a very loyal following among those who strive to avoid gluten. We won't do anything to jeopardize that and, even as we are testing this exciting new dessert, we have this issue top of mind, and are taking and will take appropriate and reasonable steps, such as cooking the chips offsite, and having procedures in place to minimize any risk of cross-contamination. Thanks for your passion and interest. We will get this right. Sincerely, Taylor Customer Service Coordinator Chipotle Mexican Grill Original Comment: I just read the news about a possible new dessert coming on the menu at Chipotle which would involve frying a floured product in your oil. I, along with tens of thousands of other celiacs and gluten sensitive people, have enjoyed your tortilla chips for years now because they were gluten free. If this new desert is indeed true, all of us would be deprived of enjoying your tortilla chips and guacamole. Could you clarify if this is going to happen? I eat at Chipotle twice a week and I am so disheartened. Thank you.
  2. The manager said they take extreme caution re cross-contact issues and change their gloves constantly. Sue
  3. BJ's Brewhouse is now serving Gluten-free warm chocolate chip cookie pizookis! Enjoy your Gluten-free pizza and then splurge on a Gluten-free pizooki dessert! Delicious, but very, very sweet. BJ's also has a Gluten-Free Party for Two special going on now! Two house, wedge or caesar salads, split a Gluten-free pizza and split a Gluten-free pizooki for only $19.95. This deal was featured prominently in an ad in our newspaper in San Jose, California. You don't need a coupon, and if you type in your web browser BJ's Brewhouse Gluten Free Party for Two, it will take you straight to their Party for Two page. Look a little further down in the ad and see the Gluten Free Party for Two. Enjoy! Sue
  4. I just posted this under Restaurants, but thought I should also post it under Travel because people do travel to Silicon Valley and would like to know where they could eat while here. Congratulations to Country Gourmet Restaurant in Sunnyvale, California, for successfully launching their new gluten-free menu. This new Gluten-free menu is now available on their restaurant's website under Menus. If you dine at their restaurant between February 28 and March 15 and mention "Gluten Free Promotion" at the register, you will receive a 15% discount! Please pass this information to whatever celiac group you feel might be interested. Also, if someone is in charge of a Gluten-free restaurant map, this restaurant would be an excellent addition. Julia and her son are both gluten-intolerant, so Julia is well aware of cross-contact issues and has strived hard to create this new, exciting Gluten-free menu. She has just installed a pizza oven that is dedicated to making their Gluten-free pizza, which is on their new Gluten-free menu. I personally love their soup (most soups are Gluten-free) and huge hunk of warm cornbread (Gluten-free), and then topping off my meal with their brownie ala mode (Gluten-free, of course!). Country Gourmet Restaurant's contact information is below. ENJOY! Here is Julia
  5. My daughter and I split a pepperoni, sausage and mushroom Gluten-free pizza at Ristorante Mataro in Menlo Park, CA yesterday. It was absolutely delicious. A simple, yet crunchy, thin, satisfying crust. We talked with the new owner, Ibrahim, and this is what we found out. He was trained in making and serving gluten-free food while he was working at BJ's. He makes the Gluten-free crust personally - it's not a pre-frozen crust. He now advertises on his website that they serve Gluten-free pizza and pasta for both lunch and dinner, which is terrific. He serves Gluten-free penne pasta. For lunch, the menu features a 1/2 and 1/2 type lunch - pasta with salad or pasta with soup (all of his three soups are Gluten-free - he makes them himself - minestrone, tomato and lentil). He will substitute the Gluten-free pasta for this lunch. The prices are very reasonable. The Gluten-free pizza we had was only $16. It was enough for both of us, but if you have a big appetite, you could probably eat the whole pizza! You may want to call before heading over for Gluten-free pizza just so he can have the dough pre-made and ready for you when you come. Not necessary, just a thought of his. Ibrahim is very earnest and accommodating. I have no clue how to add this wonderful restaurant to any Gluten-free map of restaurants. If someone could do this, it would be so great. You just don't run into very many owners/managers of restaurants who are so willing to give us such a great meal selection. Ristorante Mataro 827 Santa Cruz Avenue Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650) 325-7900 Sue
  6. We ate at Tony & Alba's at 3137 Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose, California and were excited to see a variety of Gluten-free options, including pizza, pasta, polenta and beer. Their phone number is (408) 246-4605. The owners (Al and Dionna) are very knowledgeable about celiac disease and cross-contact issues. They make their Gluten-free pizza in a dedicated area, separate cutter and pan, spoons, etc., and they make their Gluten-free pasta in a dedicated pot. The Gluten-free pasta they use is the rotelle spiral shape
  7. I have great news! Asqew Grill finally has their gluten-free menu up on their website! One of their owners, Mark, has a celiac daughter. Just go to their website and click menu, and then you have an option on the right to click gluten free! The Gluten-free appetizers include butternut squash soup, polenta, hummus and grilled vegetables. Their main menu consists of skewers of fish, veggies and meat with mashed potatoes, etc. Locations of this restaurant are in San Francisco in the Marina, Haight Ashbury and Laurel Village, Emeryville in the East Bay and Mill Valley in Marin. Sue
  8. pfChangs has added another gluten-free dessert to their gluten-free menu - Triple Chocolate Mousse! I can't wait to try it! Sue
  9. CalicoSue

    Taco Bell

    I called the Taco Bell customer service line yesterday and the rep told me that none of the Cantina Tacos are gluten-free because none of their meats are gluten free to begin with. Since the soft corn tacos are Gluten-free, maybe we can order them with their beans and cheese instead. There's the cross-contact issues to consider, too. I'm just confused on these new tacos! Sue
  10. I thought I was pass this info along in case you live near Gilroy or Hollister in California (or if you travel to the Gilroy Outlets) and want to try out a BBQ restaurant in Hollister which features a Gluten-free BBQ menu. Hollister is about 15 miles south of Gilroy. I emailed Maverick BBQ in Hollister, CA to see if they had a gluten-free menu, and the below email is the response I received back from the owner/chef who has a gluten intolerance himself (if we can't trust him, who can we trust?). He is well aware of cross-contact issues, etc., as you can see from his email. I chcked Maverick BBQ's website again and saw that he does, indeed, have a gluten-free menu on his website. His restaurant can be found on Gluten Free Registry and he serves Redbridge beer. See his email below: Hi, Yes we have a gluten-free menu and we also serve Redbridge gluten-free beer. I believe the gluten-free menu is on our website, if not all our BBQ items are gluten-free, all salads (except grilled chicken, and only the vinegar and oil or blue cheese dressings--made here from scratch) The bbq sauce is homemade and gluten-free, steaks, our cedar plank salmon with mustard dill sauce (also made here) All our regular sides - potato salad, coleslaw, ranch beans are gluten free(all homemade). I am the owner and head chef, and I also have a gluten allergy, so it is very important to me to make sure there is no cross contamination of foods. PLEASE tell your server you need to see the gluten-free menu and to alert me in the kitchen. I use separate cutting boards, utensils, etc. to ensure there is no gluten contamination of your food. Look forward to seeing you. Our website is www.maverickbbq.com. thanks, Eben Maverick BBQ www.maverickbbq.com 35 5th Street Hollister, CA 95023-3963 (831) 635-8000 Sue Eating out is risky!
  11. What a great surprise to see the words GLUTEN FREE on Nature Valley
  12. I am excited to announce that Asqew Grill now has an official Gluten-free menu. Asqew Grill is in three locations in San Francisco, one in Mill Valley and one in Emeryville - all in Northern California. The Gluten-free menu will be on their website soon and Gluten-free menus are now in their restaurants. I have cut and pasted their Gluten-free menu below. They specialize in skewers, rice, grilled veggies and soup! I have eaten there, and the food is delicious! The owner of the restaurants has a celiac daughter, so he has been vigilant in creating this Gluten-free menu. Usual disclaimer - eating out is risky, so be sure to ask all of the pertinent questions. Sue San Jose, CA ASQEW GRILL GLUTEN FREE MENU (Restaurants Located in San Francisco, Emeryville and Mill Valley, California) APPETIZERS * GRILLED VEGGIES * SOUPS Grilled Artichoke Halves
  13. BJ's new gluten-free menu is unbelievable! Once I got "pizza'd" out on their delicious new Gluten-free pizza, I turned my attention to the other menu items they have on their Gluten-free menu! My husband and I ate there on Sat. night, and I had their balsamic glazed chicken entree. Two grilled chicken breasts sitting on a bed of lettuce leaves with balsamic dressing drizzled on top, and along side it was a mound of white cheddar mashed potatoes. I also splurged and ordered a cup of their tomato bisque soup (and brought along some Glutino crackers to enjoy with my soup). It was absolutely delicious! AND, it was a great feeling to go to a restaurant and order a real dinner off a menu! BJ's Restaurants are located in about 14 states in the U.S. If one is located near you, it's definitely worth checking out! Also, they are looking into other Gluten-free options, such as creating a Gluten-free cookie to use in their famous Pizookie desserts (warm cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top). Now, wouldn't THAT be something! Sue San Jose, California
  14. After reviewing Applebee's allergen menu again, it does not say gluten free - just wheat free. And, keep in mind, their disclaimer really states the cross-contact issues! Sue