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    Golf, Hiking, playing with my bulldogs, and searching for the best gluten free restraunts I can find
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  1. RogerHagerty

    Beer okay after all?

    Thanks for the info and tips on beers. I don't drink a lot, but am always interested in options. I'll still have my occasional Guinness, as I love it, and have never felt anything but a warm glow after drinking one. As always, and with anything with gluten, your mileage may vary, just as mine does. Thanks again!
  2. I was out in Arizona on a golf vacation last year and me and my gluten eating buddy went to a nice breakfast place that was touted as having a good deal of gluten free options. When we entered I let the hostess know I was gluten free, and she pulled out the gluten free menu for me and sat us. Looking at the menu I noticed waffles and my mouth immediately started to water (I love a good waffle), the server came, I pointed to the menu and my selection, and said "Remember, this is gluten free", to which the server nodded and said "No problem at all sir". My buddy ordered up his big stack of pancakes, etc. and we waited for our breakfast. Minutes later, the waiter came out and set in front of me, one of the biggest, fluffiest, wonderful looking waffles I have ever seen! I poured some syrup on it and dug my fork in for a big bite. It was so delicious, and I knew instantly... this isn't gluten free. I called the waiter over, and said "Now, I ordered the gluten free waffle... remember"? His eyes got wide, just before he snatched my plate away, apologized, and ran off. He ended up bringing back a pathetic looking thing that they called a waffle, and I knew I had the right thing. So, while I didn't necessarily screw up, it was a screw up, and I paid for it a bit later.
  3. RogerHagerty

    Help! Don't know Where To Begin

    I remember getting the results to my test and when I was told I had celiac. It seemed like a death sentence, it's not! I saw my positive test results coming though. My twin sister had been diagnosed two years earlier (she always has been ahead of me), and my mother had had horrible gut pain for the later part of her adult life before contracting, and passing away from lymphoma. It took awhile, but I learned to adjust to my new normal, i.e. eating gluten free, and have even benefited from it, in that my diet overall is just a better one. I gained weight at first, due to the new gluten free processed foods, and my healing gut, but since then have lost weight on purpose and am in the best shape of my life. I miss some of my old favorite foods, but I don't miss the gut pain, and all the other byproducts of eating gluten. Plus, I'm lucky (luckier than my sister), in that my sensitivity to gluten, compared to some, is not as bad as it could be.
  4. RogerHagerty

    Beer okay after all?

    I was diagnosed with celiac back in 2013. I first avoided all beers, then tried gluten free beers and finally while over in Ireland last year drank some Guinness beer. I was fine with it (in moderation), but as with all things, your tolerances may be different.
  5. Upon an invite to any gathering where someone is preparing food, and offers to make gluten free options for me, I would thank them profusely, and then suggest that I would eat earlier, or figure out what I could safely put together once I arrive. I wouldn't educate them on the proper ways yo cook gluten free, as much as tell them it's taken me months and years to figure it out, with a lot of trial and error, so I have zero expectations of them doing so. Then I would bring a nice bottle of wine and change the subject. :)