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    Golf, Hiking, playing with my bulldogs, and searching for the best gluten free restraunts I can find
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  1. RogerHagerty

    Beer okay after all?

    Thanks for the info and tips on beers. I don't drink a lot, but am always interested in options. I'll still have my occasional Guinness, as I love it, and have never felt anything but a warm glow after drinking one. As always, and with anything...
  2. I was out in Arizona on a golf vacation last year and me and my gluten eating buddy went to a nice breakfast place that was touted as having a good deal of gluten free options. When we entered I let the hostess know I was gluten free, and...
  3. RogerHagerty

    Help! Don't know Where To Begin

    I remember getting the results to my test and when I was told I had celiac. It seemed like a death sentence, it's not! I saw my positive test results coming though. My twin sister had been diagnosed two years earlier (she always has been...
  4. RogerHagerty

    Beer okay after all?

    I was diagnosed with celiac back in 2013. I first avoided all beers, then tried gluten free beers and finally while over in Ireland last year drank some Guinness beer. I was fine with it (in moderation), but as with all things, your tolerances...
  5. Upon an invite to any gathering where someone is preparing food, and offers to make gluten free options for me, I would thank them profusely, and then suggest that I would eat earlier, or figure out what I could safely put together once...